Ellucian migrates Network File Shares to Box with SkySync

Customer Profile

Ellucian is the leading provider of software and services higher education institutions need to help students succeed. More than 2,400 institutions in 40 countries rely on Ellucian to help enable the mission of higher education.

The Challenge

With more than 3,000 global users and 60% remote workforce, collaboration and file sharing among Ellucian’s staff was extremely challenging to manage with distributed network file shares. Ellucian’s IT leadership set forth a technology vision where IT enables business capability in a timely manner by leveraging cloud technology. The company adopted Box as a means to satisfy the cloud storage needs for a diverse workforce. However, Ellucian’s IT department was then faced with a new challenge: how to get thousands of users and more than 10 terabytes of content to the cloud without disrupting business.


SkySync offered an efficient and cost-effective solution to migrate our content to the cloud securely.
Ovidiu Diaconeasa, IT Systems Infrastructure Manager

The Solution

“After selecting Box as the cloud provider, we searched for tools to migrate the content in an efficient manner. We had 3,500 users and 10+ terabytes of content,” said Ovidiu Diaconeasa, IT Systems Infrastructure Manager at Ellucian.

“SkySync offered an efficient and cost-effective solution to migrate our content to the cloud securely,” Diaconeasa said. After connecting with the SkySync team, Ellucian’s IT department was able to simply install SkySync on its servers and begin moving content.

With the software’s advanced User Drive Linking functionality, it was incredibly simple to migrate users from their individual home drives to their new Box accounts with just a few clicks. With the migration well underway, Ellucian is using SkySync’s Group Linking function to migrate its Group file shares and all underlying permissions to Box as well, with the goal of eliminating network file shares globally.

The Results

“A few months ago we flipped the switch and disconnected everybody from their local file shares. Everyone is now using Box as their primary file sharing solution,” Diaconeasa said.

With staff now storing and sharing content in the Cloud, Ellucian’s IT department has seen a notable decrease in service calls from users requiring help with file related services. “Now that they’re in Box, they have the option to keep versions of their documents and manage files on their own,” Diaconeasa said.

Further, IT no longer has to spend valuable resources maintaining and updating its physical servers and backups/restores, as all content storage, sharing, versioning and collaboration is now done securely within the Box platform.

Ellucian’s IT department is simplifying how the company does business by enabling the global workforce to share and collaborate from anywhere, anytime. “Everyone expects an easier way to use technology nowadays,” Ellucian CIO Pradeep Mannakkara said.

Stellar Customer Support

“Skysync customer support has been extremely responsive and have consistently offered solutions to our complex requirements,” Diaconeasa said about the SkySync team.

SkySync is document version-aware and can be configured to sync on a set schedule or intervals. Discover how IPG's remote salespeople benefitted.

PolicyLink decided to utilize a hybrid solution that included Box cloud technology and SkySync’s file synchronization application.

SkySync’s sophisticated ability to stay version-aware across any number of users was the key to success.

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