SkySync’s hybrid sync solution keeps IPG’s remote workforce up-to-date

Customer Profile

Intertape Polymer Group Inc. (IPG®) is a publicly traded company that is a leader in the packaging and adhesive products industry. The company produces a broad range of products for both the consumer and industrial marketplace including aerospace, automotive, building & construction, food processing, pharmaceuticals, marine, among many others.

The Challenge

IPG’s broad product range generates a plethora of sales literature and sales-related documents. These materials are continually updated, with new content continually generated by various departments. They are stored in various places on the company’s corporate website as well as within both Microsoft SharePoint 2007 and 2010 intranet sites.

To keep the latest versions on their laptops, each rep has to manually browse a large number of company website and intranet pages, manually assess if its current, then download each one individually. However, busy salespeople are often unaware of changes which sometimes resulted in customers being given outdated technical specifications or inaccurate promotional and pricing information. Tony Fowlkes, IPG’s IT Project Manager was asked to find a way to put and keep the very latest documents in the hands of the sales reps—no matter what the file type or origin throughout the company.

It’s scary just how easy it was.
Tony Fowlkes, IT Project Manager

The Solution

Tony discovered SkySync. “I’ll be honest,” said Tony, “It almost sounded too good to be true.” The product is conversant in multiple versions of SharePoint. “This was very important to IPG,” added Tony. “Our corporate website is on SharePoint 2007, our Extranet on SharePoint 2010 and our Intranet on SharePoint 2003.” The company was already using Box’s sync and share cloud technology to provide sales reps with anywhere access to the files on their laptops. A standard “sync’ was set up to enable all of the data on each rep’s computer to be automatically copied to Box whenever the employee had Internet access, increasing the team’s productivity from anywhere, on any device.

The strategy behind SkySync was to create a folder within Box called “Sales & Marketing Tools” that also contained multiple subfolder directories for different categories of files. The product was configured to integrate to IPG’s SharePoint-based corporate website and Intranet, then automatically synchronize the latest documents from these various sources across the company to Box. SkySync is document version-aware and can be configured to sync on a set schedule or intervals.

The Results

“The latest documents were in the right hands and installation was ridiculously simple,” explained Tony. “I downloaded SkySync from their website, installed it on my computer and was testing use-case scenarios inside of 10 minutes. I was very impressed; it just worked. When we rolled it out, it was like a light switch went on – SkySync automatically updated all the documents and BOOM, all of our salespeople got 700 new files on their computers. It’s scary just how easy it was.”

Reaction from the field

“Let’s face it,” said Tony, “Sometimes sales reps are pretty hard to please. I have been with this company for over 15 years. I have installed CRM solutions and many different tools. I can tell you that I have never had sales reps actually call me and say, ‘Hey man, this is awesome’. I’ve never had that before. We have gotten more positive feedback from this than anything we’ve done in a very long time. Our salespeople no longer have to worry that they don’t have the latest versions of any documents. That’s a big change. They are automatically pushed down to them, and without them doing a single thing. They’re excited about it; I’ve been blown away with all the positive feedback.”

With SkySync, Spirent was able to migrate more than 400 users from their previous EFSS service into OneDrive to Business in one week.

SkySync provided a bridge to synchronize First American’s complex, multi-level, multi-drive configuration at the enterprise level.

In addition to network file-shares that operate throughout the company’s offices, Suffolk also relies on an extensive Microsoft SharePoint installation.

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