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See how SkySync works.
SkySync installs and configures in minutes.
Sound too good to be true?

Integrates Systems Together.
SkySync starts by tightly-integrating to your existing
on-site and cloud-based storage systems in minutes.

Create any Hybrid Environment.
Create robust hybrid storage architectures by selecting
any mix of storage platforms from the drop down menu.

Your systems are tightly-integrated together
and is completely transparent to users.

Sync, Migrate or Copy Files.
Automatically Sync/Copy/Migrate files, folders, sites, or entire file storage structures; SkySync supports virtually any use-case scenario. Transfer files (and file-related properties, versions, etc.) and even permissions across systems in bulk or for small, adhoc operations, simply drag-and-drop.
Architected for the Enterprise.
• Installs behind your firewall, under your control.
• From a single workstation or VM to clustered-servers.
• Automated Diagnostics and Logging.

• Automated file-type, metadata, and date filtering.
• Bi-directional Permissions Mapping
• Bandwidth and file thread-write controls.
• Connection Pooling (Transfer up to 3m files/day)
Powerful, yet incredibly easy to use.
No coding, no services...installs/configures in minutes.

SkySync is built for Business; transferring files, file properties,
permissions, document versions, user profiles, time stamps,
and more across any number of connected storage platforms.
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