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Main Features
Optimized System Integration.
SkySync deeply integrates to your existing storage
platforms utilizing the latest system-specific Application Programming Interfaces (API's).

SkySync is "Security Safe", installed on a Windows®
Workstation, VM or Server(s), behind your firewall and
fully under your control.
Simple Job Setup.
Merely launch the Job Wizard
to define your Source and
Destination site, library or folder.

Job Control.
SkySync provides real-time views into all file transfer activities such as last run date, how long the operation took, and if there were any errors. You can have these processes run automatically at designated intervals, or manually start or stop any file Sync, Copy, Migrate or Archive operation.

Global View of Jobs.
In the Navigation Pane, arrow adornments indicate which
folders are part of a Job, (up for source, down for destination) and whether the last job run completed without errors (in green).

Want quick info about a configured job? Just roll your
mouse over the arrow to view job details or click on the
Job Control Pane to review all of the latest Job statistics.
SkySync provides detailed reports for each Job
operation as well as overall file transfer statistics.
File transfer data is saved within the SkySync
database and can be exported to SQL Server. You can
also export specific file job exceptions to Microsoft Excel.

Enterprise Performance.
SkySync was built for industrial-strength from the ground-up. SkySync's multi-threaded (streaming) service is user-configurable to match your network capabilities.

Moreover, SkySync services can be easily deployed; from a single Windows machine to a clustered-server environment, or even hosted in the cloud.
File Filtering.
SkySync automatically excludes file-types such as shortcuts,
.lnk, .db and other types that are not normally useful or
desired in other platforms.

Optionally, system users may also include/exclude files by
creation date, last modified date, last accessed, date range,
and/or file-name including wild cards.

Pre-Operation Analytics.
You'll know exactly how your Sync,
Copy, Migrate, or Publish Job will
perform before you execute the operation.

SkySync's Pre-run Analyzer determines
and reports on all system-to-system
connectivity, statistics and file details.


Platform Savvy.
Storage systems have specific file-naming requirements
such as character-type, file-name length and/or file-type.

If any of your files do not meet these conventions,
SkySync automatically transforms file-names into
acceptable definitions.

File Conflict Management.
For System-to-System file Synchronization operations,
SkySync's configurable file conflict management
capabilities enable you to automatically determine
how they are resolved.

File Version Management.
For versioned documents, SkySync automatically keeps
both storage systems aligned even if each system utilizes different versioning schemas.

Metadata Mapping.
Automatically maps metadata fields
across systems in one click.

e-mail Alerts.
E-mail alerts may be configured to notify
you when jobs are completed or if there
were any job failures.

Selective Folder Auto-Grouping.
With the Selective Folder Auto-Grouping, Admin's may "cherry-pick" sub-folders and/or even further refine the grouping by only having common folder-names within each sub-folder transferred.
Permissions Mapping.

Automatically map and migrate both User and Group permissions across systems; fully bi-directional.

Advanced tools enables administrators to easily resolve exceptions.

SkySync Lite.
User-Desktop Sync with Remote Administrator Control.

Completely customizable to client specs. Options also include a remote admin console; User Job Templates and allowable actions are created/managed by remote administration.

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