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Large-scale content migration to ShareFile

Efficient file migration to Citrix ShareFile from both cloud and on-premises systems—delivered through a world-class enterprise content integration engine.

Enterprise content migration should work for your business—not against it

Legacy bulk-move migration technologies are not only slow and manually intensive, they also force enterprises into hard system “cutovers” – preventing users from adapting to Citrix ShareFile at their own pace and consequently creating a nightmare for IT.

In addition to being highly-disruptive to existing business operations, newly created and/or updated file changes that were made on the source system must also be manually identified and transferred.

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Migrate to ShareFile with zero impact to your users or existing operations

SkySync’s “continuous copy” mode ensures files in Citrix ShareFile are up-to-date in real-time and precisely mirror the source system.

Completely transparent to users, they can safely and confidently move to ShareFile at a pace that makes sense for them, their departments, or for the entire enterprise with zero impact to your existing business operations or IT staff.

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A modern and agile approach to ShareFile migration

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  • Zero impact to end-users, existing systems, ancillary integrations or business operations
  • Migrate to ShareFile from any on-premises network file system, ECM platform, user PC or cloud storage service
  • Enable users, departments or the enterprise to migrate to ShareFile at their own pace
  • Citrix ShareFile migration speeds up to 30 terabytes per day, per server cluster
  • Global file interrogation, analysis and migration simulation capabilities
  • Continuous copy migrates any newly created or updated files in real-time
  • Fully automated user account, permissions, file version, timestamp and extended metadata mapping
  • Automatic transformation of forbidden Citrix file names, characters and types

Agile content integration—on your terms

A modern approach to an enterprise content integration strategy.

  • Any Platform or Environment
    Centrally manage all on-premises or ECM platforms, cloud storage services, remote offices or user PCs
  • Any Content Integration Solution
    Freely integrate systems while controlling file transfer rules, events and behaviors
  • Globally Interrogate and Analyze Content
    Gain insight and understand your entire content landscape - no matter where your files reside
  • Globally Enforce File Governance
    Sync and propagate metadata and other governance, compliance and retention data
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