SkySync Content Analyzer

Discover and analyze enterprise-wide content

Enable advanced, global file discovery and analysis—while precisely predicting migration outcomes.

Identify and interrogate enterprise content—anywhere and all at once

SkySync’s highly scalable analyzer is purpose-built to simultaneously interrogate thousands of file storage end-points and repositories, no matter if they are in the cloud or on-premises, within remote office networks, ECM systems or even user PCs.

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Analyze your enterprise-wide content

SkySync’s advanced analysis capabilities provide deep insight into your existing content and file sharing behaviors—as well as fully simulates the file migration. You’ll precisely know your project outcomes prior to transferring any files.
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Content Analyzer Overview

Deep insight into file metrics, structure and sharing behaviors

SkySync gathers a wide array of file statistics and visualizes the data into easy-to-read, configurable dashboards. Sort and analyze content by physical location, type, age, by permissions, by most shared, external sharing metrics, and much more.

Any configured report can be displayed with graphs and charts, exported as a .CSV file, or utilized to initiate SkySync file transfers.

Identify and group flagged files

SkySync identifies any files that may cause transfer issues and will automatically flag, group and notify system administrators of any files that the platform cannot transform to resolve.

The analyzer provides the root cause for the flag, as well as recommendations on how to repair the filei.e. “This file is too large for target system, we recommend you divide it into two separate files, each not to exceed 15 gigabytes”.

For advanced scenarios, organizations will soon be able to deploy SkySync’s self-service capabilities which distribute flagged files to specific department leads or even individual file owners for final resolution.

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Incredible execution and speed

This advanced analyzer employs the same underlying high-speed/high-scale platform engine that powers SkySync’s file transfers, dramatically reducing file discovery timeinterrogation that once took weeks or months now takes mere hours.

Within ideal environments, SkySync can discover and interrogate up to 200 terabytes/day.

Precisely predict outcomes and timelines

SkySync will assess for source and destination platform compatibility and precisely predict the outcome of any file migration, copy, or sync operations between those platforms.

The analyzer estimates completion timelines for the entire organization, by any department or even by individual user account. You’ll know exactly what will happen during your file transfers, before moving a single item.

Advanced storage platform discovery and analysis

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  • Globally interrogate, discover, analyze and predict file transfer outcomes
  • Simultaneously interrogate thousands of file storage points
  • Discover and interrogate up to 200 terabytes/day within ideal environments
  • Dashboards and reports can be easily manipulated to provide any sub-report
  • Automatically discover how much content you have and where it's located
  • Leverages SkySync's underlying high-speed/high-scale file transfer engine
  • Summarizes all file statistics into a user-friendly web dashboard
  • Predict the time required to complete migration for the entire enterprise

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