SkySync Business Edition

Simple and practical content migration

Easily and rapidly migrate files across popular cloud storage repositories and on-premises network file shares.
Migrate to Box - Box Migration with SkySync
Migrate to Box - Box Migration with SkySync

Efficient content migration for common business use cases

SkySync enables simple and secure file migration across popular cloud services or on-premises network file shares.

Our Business Edition can be deployed in just minutes on your own workstation or server hardware via a simple installer routine or optionally can be automatically provisioned for you within a secure cloud environment. No complex installation, database, or even hardware required.

SkySync’s intuitive web interface will guide you through a simple setup process, step-by-step. Within minutes, you’ll be ready to migrate files.

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What platform do you need to migrate to?

Content should benefit your business—not impede it. SkySync fully supports major cloud platforms and network file shares.
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SkySync Knowledge Center

Designed to provide insight and guidance for successfully moving and orchestrating content across your organization, visit our Knowledge Center for resources to support your SkySync initiative.

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The highest performance and security

Each SkySync migration is a client-dedicated cloud instance providing unlimited scalability and enterprise–grade security. It does not utilize less secure tenant sharing which can also dramatically impact transfer performance.

For on-premises deployments, files are streamed direct to the cloud service—not through a proprietary presence point or any other secondary cloud software. What’s more, files are fully-encrypted [256-bit government-grade security] and check-summed to preserve integrity.

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Enterprise-wide content analysis

Discover and analyze your content landscape across systems, enabling you to predict and simulate your entire content migration or integration project.

SkySync’s advanced analysis capabilities provide deep insight into your existing content and file sharing behaviors, as well as simulates the entire file transfer scenario. You’ll precisely know your project outcomes prior to transferring any files.

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No impact to users or existing operations

SkySync’s continuous copy mode ensures that target system files are up-to-date in real-time and precisely mirror the source system.

Completely transparent to users, they can safely and confidently move to the new storage platform at a pace that makes sense for them, their departments or for the entire enterprise with zero impact to existing business operations or IT staff.

SkySync’s true bi-directional hybrid/sync capabilities enable organizations to leverage and preserve content across on-premises systems and any cloud service. Seamless to users, new files/file changes from either system are automatically reflected in the other.

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Industry benchmarks for file transfer error resolution rates

Industry benchmarks for file transfer error resolution rates are 95%—SkySync’s rates often exceed 99%. Translation: SkySync delivers up to a 500x reduction in the number of files that require manual intervention.

What’s more, for the negligible level of remaining files that do require manual remediation, SkySync automatically organizes, groups, and presents these files for the administrator or file owners to resolve.

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Automated user and permissions mapping

SkySync eliminates administrator overhead by fully automating both user home-drive, account, and permissions mapping. Other migration systems often force system administrators to manually export, reconcile, map, then re-import these relationships.
User Home-Drive Mapping
Permissions Mapping
User Account Mapping

Optional delivery services

SkySync Client Solutions 

The SkySync team is here to assist you—from migration assessment, to change management, to a fully managed service approach.

Our team helps enable enterprises to immediately realize value in their SkySync and storage platform investments through industry expertise and proven best practices.

SkySync Partner Network 

Digital transformation is at the core of our certified partner network. Contact us to learn more on how our partners are here to help with content migration and integration initiatives.

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For advanced migrations

For advanced migrations such as ECM platforms, multi-source or other supported connectors—our Enterprise Edition offers:

  • Virtually any deployment model
  • Any environment
  • Open development platform
  • ECM frameworks
  • Extended metadata support
  • Customizable web UX
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Discover what SkySync can do for you

Schedule a call with our team to discuss how enterprise content integration and orchestration can empower your business.

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