SkySync Business Edition

Simple and practical cloud storage migration

Easily and rapidly migrate files across popular cloud storage repositories and on-premises network file shares.
SkySync Practical cloud storage migration.
Large Scale Migration with SkySync

File migration for common use cases

SkySync enables simple and secure cloud storage migration, moving files across popular cloud services or on-premises network file shares.

Our Business Edition deployment is intuitive and straightforward. SkySync can be easily installed on your own workstation or server hardware, or optionally can be provisioned for you within a secure cloud environment. No complex installation, database, or even hardware is required.

SkySync’s interface will guide you through a simple setup process, step-by-step. Within minutes, you’ll be ready for your cloud storage migration.

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What platform do you need to migrate to?

Content should benefit your business—not impede it. SkySync fully supports major cloud storage platforms and network file shares.
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SkySync Knowledge Center

Designed to provide insight and guidance for successfully moving and orchestrating content across your organization, visit our Knowledge Center for resources to support your SkySync initiative.

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Practical cloud storage migration

The highest performance and security

For on-premises deployments, files are streamed directly to the cloud storage service—not through a proprietary presence point or any other secondary cloud software. What’s more, files are fully-encrypted [256-bit government-grade security] and check-summed to preserve integrity.

A hosted deployment provides a client-dedicated cloud instance, providing unlimited scalability and enterprise-grade security. It does not utilize less secure tenant sharing which can also dramatically impact transfer performance.

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Delivery services to assist customers

  • SkySync Client Solutions 

The SkySync team is here to assist you—from cloud storage migration assessment, to change management, to a fully managed service approach.

Our team helps enable enterprises to immediately realize value in their SkySync and storage platform investments through industry expertise and proven best practices.

  • SkySync Partner Network 

Digital transformation is at the core of our certified partner network. Contact us to learn more on how our partners are here to help with cloud storage migration and integration initiatives.

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Supports practical cloud storage migration or complex enterprise file migrations

For advanced and complex migrations

For complex enterprise file migration scenarios such as ECM platforms, multi-source or other supported connectors—our Enterprise Edition offers:

  • Virtually any deployment model
  • Any environment
  • Open development platform
  • ECM frameworks
  • Extended metadata support
  • Customizable web UX
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