Software Quality Analyst

About the Company

SkySync is a rapidly evolving, fast-paced, venture-backed software innovator based in the Ann Arbor tech cluster with remote Syncopaths in all US timezones. Our workforce excels at managing our customers’ data migration, synchronization, and orchestration challenges like no other in our space, and we have new product opportunities taking us toward a period of rapid growth.

We’re committed to providing our customers with innovative, robust, and secure solutions for managing their content across any platform. We need someone who understands digital platforms such as Microsoft SharePoint or Google Gsuite and can set up and execute complex tests for our feature-rich application. Our QA staff focuses on testing, triaging reported issues, troubleshooting, and debugging all software products regardless of their platform. We work remotely, so strong communication skills and self-motivation are a must for this Software Quality Analyst position.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with the test team to follow test plans, updating results in Confluence and JIRA
  • Plan test activity for specific User Stories, and coordinate with developers on testing specific items
  • Use Postman, Fiddler, JSON, basic SQL queries, and VM configurations to complete test activities across various platforms
  • Track and monitor all high and critical bugs in the backlog; communicate impact and advocate for when a bug should be resolved (severity/priority)
  • Execute all levels of testing (Install, Smoke, Feature, Integration, end-to-end and Regression)
  • Detect and track software defects and inconsistencies using Jira
  • Recreate and triage issues that have been escalated from level 1 support
  • Understand and apply security best practices in testing
  • Assist with documenting best practices, known issues, and FAQs for customers

Essential Skills/Qualifications

  • Familiarity with cloud providers, ECM platforms and network file systems
  • Problem analysis and problem-solving
  • Understanding of QA process for software development, debugging and release
  • Basic knowledge of databases/SQL, ReST interfaces, and test scripting/automation
  • Strong communication skills

This position is a great fit for you if you like working in a company where quality is taken seriously; working with dedicated and very smart developers; if you like detailed work and are comfortable with exploratory and back-end testing, not just UI testing. You can handle the challenge of a complex product and testing that is heavily dependent on external platforms.

This position is not a great fit for you if you like large organization stability, extensive hierarchies or matrix organizations, and a relatively unchanging set of duties and responsibilities. You also prefer environments that have a low level of distraction with huge teams to help you. You only see one right way to solve a problem.

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