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Construction AEC Industry Cloud Budget
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AEC Industry Cloud Budget: Leveraging Communication & Collaboration

Cloud Budgets Within the AEC Industry Collaboration and cloud technologies have proven to be quite successful for organizations in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, & Construction) industry. Cloud services and collaboration benefit construction companies by better connecting those in the field with those in the office, and even with outside contractors. For just some examples, cloud-based
Change Management in Educational Institutions During COVID-19 Pandemic
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Change Management in Educational Institutions During COVID-19

Communication and Change Management in Educational Institutions During COVID-19 As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud services have been integral in enabling remote work and access to content among all industries- and higher education institutions are certainly no exception. Right now universities have an obscure future; during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s unclear what tomorrow’s
The Five Ds of Cloud Vendor Lock-In
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Cloud Vendor Lock-In

We’ve said it before, but we’re happy to say it again: Migrating to the cloud benefits companies in a multitude of ways including flexibility, cost savings, and increased agility. While all of these benefits sound and are great, many organizations are still concerned about migrating to cloud storage. And one of the biggest fears of
Construction Management Company Solved Fragmented Content Sprawl - Migrate to SharePoint Online for Synchronization
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How a Construction Management Company Solved Their Fragmented Content Strategy

Partnering with Microsoft, SkySync helped one of America’s largest construction firms migrate to SharePoint Online to solve their fragmented content strategy. One of the Largest Construction Management Companies in the US Migrates to SharePoint Company Profile This construction management firm provides general contracting, design-build, and integrated project delivery services on projects small and large for
Cloud Migration for Higher Education
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Cloud Migration Factors for Higher Education

Cloud Migration for Higher Education It’s no secret that cloud-based environments have helped universities reduce IT costs, simplify access to information, increase their geographical reach of education, and, of course, help manage content. But what makes a file or cloud migration for higher education institutions unique? Universities often have extra challenges to overcome due to
How Cloud Migration Supports Education & Higher Education
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How Cloud Migration Supports Higher Education

How Cloud Migration Supports Education Right now higher education organizations have an obscure future. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s unclear what tomorrow’s campus will look like, or if it will physically function at all. But even before this time of forced digital transformation, it has been predicted that 62% of higher education applications will be
Secure Content Collaboration
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Episode 8: What Does Secure Content Collaboration Look Like?

Secure Content Collaboration “They may think security is difficult – it’s not.” Contrary to what one may expect, technology is not to blame when data or content is leaked or missing. It’s almost too easy for users to simply share content where it’s most convenient.  As a result, content becomes more difficult to track. In
Advantages of Content Analysis
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Episode 7: How Can Content Analysis Make a Business More Agile?

The Advantages of Content Analysis What does “understanding your content” really mean anyway? At SkySync we always emphasize the importance of understanding your content. But what does content analysis really mean for a business? We interviewed more ECM professionals to expand your knowledge in this episode of our Content Without Boundaries video series to explain
Hybrid Cloud Synchronization Management
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How A Large Biopharmaceutical Company Synchronizes Their Hybrid Cloud Environment

Hybrid Cloud Synchronization Solution Between Disparate Platforms See our Enterprise Content Integration platform in action – request a trial today. Company Profile A large, biopharmaceutical company is a global premier processor, marketer, and distributor of human amniotic tissue, distributing over 600,000 amniotic tissue grafts worldwide and achieving profound clinical outcomes in multiple therapeutic areas. With
Microsoft Ignite 2019 - Cloud Storage User Adoption through Content Synchronization
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Microsoft Ignite 2019 [Recap]

Work hard, play hard. If your impression of Microsoft is just a “tech company,” you should think twice. For those of us who do know, Microsoft Ignite is one of the best times of the year – as Microsoft knows how to work hard, and play hard. For five days, nearly 30,000 Microsoft partners, employees,

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