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Content Management Nightmares
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Episode 6: ECM Experts Share Their Content Management Nightmares

Content Management Nightmares “There was a lot of loss.” ECM Experts Share All It can be scary to think about all of the problems that could potentially arise during content migrations. Even the most experienced professionals have had to face their fears. In episode 6 of our video series, listen to these ECM experts’ content
CCPA Compliance Checklist & Preparation - Best Practices
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California Consumer Privacy Act Readiness Checklist & Preparation

The California Consumer Privacy Act If you collect data from any California residents then, like most companies, you will have to adhere to the CCPA compliance regulations. (See our CCPA compliance checklist at the end) Recently, organizations have contended with public and government stresses to satisfy customer privacy regulations. Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
On-Premises vs Cloud vs Hybrid
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Episode 5: Hybrid Cloud in the Modern Workplace

Hybrid Cloud Management “A hybrid solution is part of the answer.” On-prem, cloud, hybrid, one-way synchronization, and two-way sync are all just some of the options businesses have when it comes to content management.  But how can one know which environment is best? It may well depend on your business’s particular needs. Hear what the
Cloud Content Management & Collaboration's Year is 2018
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2018: A huge year for cloud content management

This past year was huge for cloud content management and collaboration. Let’s take a look back at some of 2018’s biggest developments for the industry and where we see things heading in 2019… $1 trillion market cap This year, the first companies to reach a $1 trillion market cap were Apple and Amazon soon to
Content silos and the effect on the enterprise
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Content silos and the effect on the enterprise

Content Silos and the Effect on the Enterprise When business units have deployed disparate systems, connections between their various applications are difficult, if not impossible, to obtain. These systems were never built to work together. Although these applications are often achieving different objectives, they often still need to access and use the same information. With
How Shadow IT can be a blessing in disguise for your business
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How Shadow IT can be a blessing in disguise for your business

When we talk about Shadow IT it’s usually cast in a negative light; employees spinning up un-vetted services and applications outside the approved circle of IT. In some cases, though, Shadow IT can be a benefit to an organization. Let’s discuss a few reasons why businesses may want to embrace the phenomenon, and how they
Office 365 eDiscovery: How it Works Within the Platform
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Extending Office 365’s eDiscovery with 40+ different legacy ECMs and Cloud Services

Microsoft recently released an in-depth whitepaper surrounding eDiscovery in Office 365. It explains in detail how Office 365 eDiscovery works within the platform, making it one of the most advanced eDiscovery solutions available in the market today. The issue with this solution, however, is that it only works within Office 365’s services. For Microsoft to
General Data Protection Regulation - A Sword of Damocles?
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Is GDPR truly a Sword of Damocles for business, or just smart marketing from Cloud Services and Software Vendors?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on current trends in Enterprise Content Management, and more specifically around regulations, you may have come across an article or two about GDPR – the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, which pertains specifically to the handling of personal information on European Union citizens. The GDPR will go into effect
Hybrid Storage Environment | Enterprise Content Integration
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Enterprise Content Integration: The New Digital Workplace

Hybrid Storage Environment With cloud-based collaboration tools at their fingertips, the modern workforce is now dictating digital workplace strategy within IT departments across the globe as they pick and choose which platforms they prefer to use. These cloud services are offering an unprecedented level of efficiency, cost-savings, and freedom. Freedom to users who are increasingly
Hybrid Storage Environment | Enterprise Content Integration
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How to Securely Bridge On-premise and Cloud-based Storage Services

Examining the four ways you can manage migration to or synchronization with the cloud Cloud storage revenue is forecast to grow more than 28% annually to reach $65 billion in 2020.  The driving force is the substantial economies of scale that enable cloud-based solutions to deliver more cost-effective primary and backup storage than on-premises systems

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