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Microsoft Migration Manager Review: A Good Tool for Small and Medium Workloads
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Microsoft Migration Manager: A Good Tool for Small and Medium Workloads

Microsoft Migration Manager Review On May 27, 2020, Microsoft rolled out its new Migration Manager to the SharePoint Online Admin center. The Migration Manager, in its current form, primarily handles the migration of network file share (NFS) content to SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, or Teams. Meet the Reviewer: Russ Houberg | SkySync Senior Solutions
The Three Pillars of Low-Impact File Migration
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The Three Pillars of Low-Impact File Migration

Low-Impact File Migration Low-impact file migrations enable your business to evolve along with the technology. Content management vendors are regularly creating new platforms, upgrading old ones, and changing their pricing models – creating ripples of change in the ECM and collaboration market. These ripples eventually reach organizations in the form of waves; as many learn
Migrate to Google Drive for Universities & Higher Education
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How Harvey Mudd College Created a “Google Campus”

Harvey Mudd College University Profile Harvey Mudd College is a privately held residential undergraduate science and engineering school located in Claremont, California. It is one of the contiguous Claremont Colleges institutions which share adjoining campus grounds. HMC shares university resources such as libraries, dining halls, health services, and campus security with the other Claremont Colleges. However, each
File Migration Reconciliation Challenges
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Migration Reconciliation Processing and Validation Reporting

File Migration Reconciliation Challenges The highest hurdle at the end of any migration is addressing any file migration reconciliation challenges. This includes identifying and handling content that has not yet successfully migrated and determining when the migration can be considered “done”. The process for reconciliation and validation needs to be rock solid to provide the
Cloud-to-Cloud Migration
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Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

What is Cloud Migration vs Cloud-to-Cloud Migration? When you hear “cloud migration,” you typically think of an organization moving their content from their own physical architecture to a cloud storage provider. But what if an organization that already has their content stored in the cloud wants to migrate to a new cloud platform? Or even
Rapid Migration Experience
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Rapidly Enable Your Remote Workforce

A Rapid Migration Experience As we are all well aware, the majority of businesses across the globe have recently shifted to a work from home (WFH) model to stay safe and help flatten the curve, while remaining efficient and productive during these times. Enabling and maintaining an engaged workforce is crucial – and dependent upon
SkySync Content File Cloud Migration Checklist
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Cloud Migration Checklist

Prepare For a Seamless Migration As organizations consider migrating content to cloud sharing services, it is important to understand that there are many business and technical considerations that can affect the quality and the duration of the migration. With experience completing incredibly complex file migrations for some of the world’s largest enterprises, our team has
On Premises vs The Cloud Storage Wars
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Storage Wars: On-Premises vs. Cloud File Storage

On-Premises vs. Cloud Storage Which storage solution is best for your organization? On-premises or cloud storage? Maybe a hybrid solution? Or is multi-cloud your best route? Whether you’re a small consulting firm or a Fortune 500 tech company, you have files worth storing and protecting. And no matter how nice a meticulously ordered file cabinet
Content Migration Tool - Continuous Copy
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Migration Tips & Tricks: Continuous Copy

Minimizing end-user distrust and frustration with migration and synchronization initiatives is a primary goal of SkySync. And to meet our goal, our content migration tool employs Continuous Copy as opposed to traditional delta migration. Any time businesses migrate or synchronize data between systems, the concept of end-user impact will be top of mind. And, with
Migration Change Management Tips & Tricks: File Migration Simulation
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Migration Tips & Tricks: Simulation & Analysis

Migration Change Management Made Easy With File Migration Simulation Any and all enterprise projects that impact business users are going to require some level of change management activities. It’s that simple. You can take a look at our Top 4 Change Management Strategies for Your Digital Workplace and learn how to employ our most impactful

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