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File Migration Best Practices: Analyzing & Planning Content Migration
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Intentional Migration: Analyzing & Planning the Route Through Troubled Waters

Analyzing & Planning Content Migration 7 File Migration Best Practices For Success As organizations consider migrating content to cloud sharing services, it is important to understand that there are many business and technical considerations that can affect the quality and the duration of the migration. At the Business Technology Summit conferences in Utah and Tennessee,
migrating google docs to onedrive
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4 Things to Know About Moving Files From Google Drive to OneDrive

While Google and Microsoft have both created incredibly robust and effective file storage and collaboration platforms, such as G Suite and OneDrive, there are variances that complicate the matter of synchronizing or migrating Google Docs to OneDrive. Organizations that are looking to consume both sets of APIs to transfer files across Google Drive and OneDrive
Content Migration Problems & Best Practices
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Episode 3: Why is Content Migration so Difficult?

Content Migration Problems & Challenges “Migrations are hard. Or can be hard.” They say one learns from one’s mistakes. In our third episode of SkySync’s bi-monthly Content Without Boundaries video series, our gang of MVPs and ECM experts discuss why these content migration projects can be so challenging for enterprises. These veterans share some of
How Does One-Way vs. Two-Way Synchronization Work?
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How Does One-Way vs Two-Way Data Synchronization Work?

Learn about hybrid content synchronization. One-way, or two-way synchronization – are they so different?  In today’s content landscape, “synchronization” certainly contains many nuances. But are we referring to file synchronization between devices? Or between different cloud storage accounts? Between entire data environments? Even once we’ve established the two entities being synchronized, the behavior of that
User Adoption Infographic - Key Principles & Best Practices - Infographic
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The Key Principles of User Adoption – Infographic

Eight Key Principles of Improved User Adoption “If in the end, the user doesn’t use it… That’s not going to work.” In order to realize the full potential of any new technology, user adoption is key. However, it can be incredibly hard to ensure that your users will like and adopt the new platform without
Vidcast Episode 2: How can organizations improve technology user adoption?
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Episode 2: How Can Organizations Improve User Adoption of New Technologies?

Three Small Steps to Improve Technology User Adoption “Embrace that change.” In our second installment of SkySync’s bi-monthly Content Without Boundaries video series, our gang of MVPs and ECM experts discuss change management and share their tips on how organizations can improve technology user adoption. This month we’ll be sharing a ton of helpful content
Cox could easily do a Microsoft OneDrive user migration using SkySync.
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The Connected Revolution: How Cox Automotive shifted to a simple, streamlined collaboration package

Cox’s Connected Revolution: Large-Scale Microsoft OneDrive User Migration SkySync is thrilled to welcome Cox Automotive into our growing family of global enterprises seeking content without boundaries. Together with Microsoft, SkySync participated in Cox’s “Connected Revolution,” an initiative bringing all of the organization’s automotive platforms into a single connected, collaborative information technology environment. With SkySync’s Enterprise
Avoid the File Migration Trap – Infographic
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Avoid the File Migration Trap [Infographic]

According to Experian Data Quality’s report on typical migration obstacles, 83 percent of migration projects exceed their budget and schedule or fail entirely. We’ve put together a simple infographic to summarize the steps your organization should take to avoid the file migration trap and ensure you make a smooth transition to a new storage platform.
Disruption-Free Migration - We Hear it All the Time, is it Really Possible?
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Is “Disruption-Free Migration” really possible?

Disruption-Free Migration: Video When an organization decides to move on from an existing Enterprise Content Management system, one question immediately arises: How do we get our workforce to use the new system while continuing to be as productive (hopefully even more so) as they were the previous platform? In today’s industry, we hear so much
Seamless Migration | SkySync Video Series Ep. 1: What is it?
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Episode 1: What is Seamless File Migration?

Disruption-Free & Seamless Migration “Disruption free migration? Ok, that’s an interesting term.” In our first episode of SkySync’s brand new, bi-monthly video series, we discuss the hot topic of seamless migration. While on-site at the European SharePoint Conference in Copenhagen last fall, SkySync program director Jethro Seghers interviewed several thought leaders, Microsoft MVPs, and experts

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