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Office 365 Security: Five Improvements You Can Make Right Now
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Five Office 365 Security Improvements You Can Make Right Now

When it comes to cloud services, many organizations seem to forget their basic rules and responsibilities surrounding security. Some tend to think because Microsoft hosts Office 365, for example, that Microsoft will handle Office 365 security for them as well. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be more wrong. Microsoft will protect your data from those who attempt
Microsoft Teams Add Cloud Storage Integration & Synchronization Steps - Microsoft Teams and Integrating it with Other Cloud Services - integrate microsoft teams with cloud
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Can I integrate Microsoft Teams with Cloud Services?

What is Microsoft Teams? If you follow Microsoft and their ecosystem, you’ll have noticed there is a lot of buzz around Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is the latest service within the Office 365 suite to collaborate with the different teams in your company.  Microsoft is also collaborating with other organizations, allowing the ability to integrate
Hybrid Storage Environment | Enterprise Content Integration
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Enterprise File Sharing and Sync: Enable Enterprise Collaboration

Enable Enterprise Collaboration with a File Sharing Plan Does your enterprise require better collaboration for increased workplace productivity? To be successful, you’ll need to first consider how all of your systems can work together. Although many organizations want to facilitate collaboration between their file sharing service and enterprise content management (ECM) system, it’s not always
Hybrid Storage Environment | Enterprise Content Integration
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Enterprise Content Integration: The New Digital Workplace

Hybrid Storage Environment With cloud-based collaboration tools at their fingertips, the modern workforce is now dictating digital workplace strategy within IT departments across the globe as they pick and choose which platforms they prefer to use. These cloud services are offering an unprecedented level of efficiency, cost-savings, and freedom. Freedom to users who are increasingly
Hybrid Storage Environment | Enterprise Content Integration
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Baseline Magazine: Shawmut Designs a Better Collaboration Strategy

By Samuel Greengard Design and construction firms face enormous business and technology challenges. There are architectural plans to oversee, specifications to follow, change orders to manage and client requests to juggle. Without the ability to handle all of these tasks quickly and efficiently, projects often become bogged down and are prone to errors and other
Hybrid Storage Environment | Enterprise Content Integration
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2016: The Year of Hybrid Content Management

By Mark Brazeau The Hybrid Cloud As organizations wade deeper into the digital economy, the need for agility and flexibility grows. One manifestation of this trend is the enormous growth of cloud storage. Adoption rates are skyrocketing as businesses across a wide swath of industries look to share data, information and knowledge at digital speed
Hybrid Storage Environment | Enterprise Content Integration
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IDC Predicts Content Collaboration Software Market to Grow to $6.2 Billion by 2019

The forecast is bright for content collaboration software. According to a recent study published by analyst firm IDC, the market is expected to grow to $6.2 billion by 2019. The report finds that much of this growth will be driven by the need for IT to connect unstructured, enterprise file sync and share services with
Hybrid Storage Environment | Enterprise Content Integration
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SkySync Delivers 21st-Century Win/Win Results

The following is a guest post by Tom Morris, CTO at Landmark Field Services. In the Oil & Gas sector, we need a very long memory for our records. Our transmission systems can be in play for more than 50 years and all legal agreements, construction and engineering documents, and all electronic information has to be
Microsoft, Box, Google continue to lead Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Content Collaboration Platforms
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Gartner ‘cool vendor’ offers simplicity for moving to the cloud

Brian Clendenin, May 15, 2015- IT World Canada In Gartner’s latest research note, Cool Vendors in Content Management, 2015 you will find a very unique and innovative solution called SkySync, by Portal Architects. Gartner advises that the report is “designed to highlight interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services.” The CEO of Portal Architects,

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