Cloud Computing Magazine: The Storage Chaos Era – How to Cope With Today’s File Synchronization and Migration Challenges (Pg 26)


By Steve Woodward, SkySync CTO

There’s good news and bad news in the world of cloud storage.  For starters, organizations big and small have a plethora of choices when it comes to moving data from on-premises storage systems to the cloud in order to slash CAPEX, achieve greater agility and provide users with better opportunities to collaborate.

One look at the smorgasbord of choices out there confirms companies have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to cloud storage options.

While this presents enterprises with a dizzying array of choices, there’s a dirty little secret that plagues the cloud storage industry.  Standing in the way of a more aggressive shift from on-premises storage systems to the cloud are considerable challenges posed by the synchronization, migration and/or backup of files. As more and more organizations are finding out, this is hardly a slam-dunk.

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Krystal Elliott