AMN Healthcare migrates to Box with SkySync

Customer Profile

AMN Healthcare provides innovative healthcare workforce solutions and staffing services that help clients, clinicians and physicians deliver excellent, cost effective patient care. Recognized as healthcare’s workforce innovator, AMN enables providers to successfully navigate the evolving healthcare environment. They attract and recruit the most comprehensive offering of clinicians and physicians for instance. They achieve superior shareholder value by investing in the most talented and passionate team in the industry. Overall AMN Healthcare has 150 offices in 42 countries.

Business Drivers

In 2013, AMN Healthcare embarked on a new program, called “Destinations,” with a plan to take IT from an on-premises model to the cloud, to enable anywhere-any-device access. A key pillar of the program is to migrate all of AMN’s storage from Network File Systems to cloud storage. Thus enabling collaboration with partners, vendors and clinicians across the organization.

The Challenge: Migrate Users to Box on a Large Scale

In late 2013, AMN Healthcare became a Box customer with the goal of migrating all of its storage from its local Network File System to Box’s cloud platform. “We’re building procedures around using to enable our business,” said Bruce Nicholls, AMN’s Director of IT Services. “Our goal is to be done sharing files on-premises.”

For more than a year, Nicholls and his IT team struggled with their migration. “We started with a ‘build it and they will come’ model, hoping that our employees would start using Box on their own and upload their own content. But that wasn’t the case,” Nicholls said.

Then AMN began using an FTP to move their content to Box, which came with its own set of challenges. “A single administrator had to set up an FTP job, hope that the process completed successfully and hope that the user had not added any files or folders to the area that we were migrating to Box,” Nicholls said. “Additionally, we had to migrate a user’s personal folder into our Box admin account. And then move that folder again into the user’s Box account. So there were multiple steps involved and a lot of wasted effort for an inefficient process.”

Eager to move their content quickly and begin to leverage Box’s full potential, Nicholls and his IT team headed to BoxWorks 2014 to find a solution.

Within one month with SkySync, we migrated 1,600 users… They’re truly amazing results and I can honestly say that we could not have done that without SkySync.
Bruce Nicholls, Director of IT Services

The Solution

Nicholls and his team discovered SkySync at BoxWorks and reached out in early 2015. “Within a week we had a proof of concept going. And within two weeks we knew that this was exactly the product we needed to succeed with our migration,” Nicholls said.

Ultimately with SkySync, Nicholls and his team were able to define an efficient, repeatable process to move AMN’s nearly 2000 users to Box.

“With SkySync’s User Drive Mapping as well as Folder Mapping technology, we can create a single job with multiple users and move their files and folders directly into their own Box accounts,” Nicholls said. “And now we also get the true synchronization of those folders. We can start the job during the work day instead of during off-hours when we’re hoping the files won’t change. So when we come back the next morning we confirm that the migration was successful, notify the user that their files have moved and tell them to have a great day. Anything that they’ve added or deleted during the job itself, we know that SkySync has taken care of for us. The synchronization process is absolutely key to the phenomenal rate of transfer that we’ve been able to accomplish with a very small team.”

The Results

Nicholl’s said he and his team have accomplished more in 30 days with SkySync than they had during their year-long struggle with a manual migration.
“The results speak for themselves,” Nicholls said. “Within one month with SkySync, we’ve migrated 1,600 users, over 2TB of data and over 2 million files, with a team of two people. They’re truly amazing results. And I can honestly say we could not have done that without SkySync.”

With the migration moving quickly, AMN employees have wasted no time in leveraging Box’s anywhere-any-device capabilities. “We have whole divisions of our company that carry nothing but iPads now. And they can access data from Box no problem, in a customer’s office or facility,” Nicholls said. “They can even show a PowerPoint presentation on their iPad. Moving critical business data to Box, to the cloud where it’s accessible, has been a critical driver for us.”

Fantastic Technical Support

Nicholls added that the quick and in-depth technical support he and his team receive from SkySync plays a big role in the ongoing success of their migration. “The support that SkySync offers is really outstanding. From pre-sales to post-sales,” Nicholls said. “No question is too small, and no request is left unanswered. That really helps my team produce more because they’re not waiting on answers about a problem or functionality that they do not understand or is not working the way they thought it would.”


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