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Classify sensitive data no matter where it's located

Improve data governance initiatives and reduce risk across regulatory compliance standards.
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Is my organization at risk?

Organizations are challenged with a dynamic information security landscape and having to abide by numerous federal and regulatory mandates. As expected, highly regulated industries suffer from tremendous scrutiny and must ensure sensitive business and consumer information is protected.

With unstructured data growth accelerating year-over-year and users working in non-traditional means, it has only made it more challenging for anyone to know what they have, or where their risk lies.

Data privacy has become an imperative

Many organizations have deployed data protection technologies at some level but, a majority are looking to further invest or consolidate disparate legacy solutions and modernizing to establish a holistic data classification and governance model.

The propensity of this is to be better data stewards when handling PII, PHI and adhering to regulatory compliance while leveraging the latest best-in-class technologies. Additionally, data at rest remains to be a challenge when confronting data management and control initiatives.

Files continue to be dispersed and sprawled across multiple storage platforms and business systems, files are unorganized, and to further compound these issues, file access controls are typically broken.

File Classification Label Audit - Compliant Migration Results

Access and discover sensitive data

SkySync enables the discovery, classification, and labeling for data at rest. We take a pin-pointed approach by focusing on the data itself – whether in the cloud or on-premise – while identifying sensitive data based on value or risk and labeling files accordingly.

SkySync takes a holistic approach to data governance by providing the visibility and intelligence required to reduce risk, meet compliance objectives and preserving file integrity and fidelity.

Intelligent data classification – for all your files.

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  • Produce detailed classification audit reports to adhere to governance and compliance mandates
  • Audit existing labels and re-write based on SkySync advanced classification engine
  • Accurately detect and classify with a multi-tier process based on a unique pattern recognition system
  • No longer rely on user-driven classification to determine or update file sensitivity labels

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