SkySync Migration Approach

Intelligent enterprise file migration—at scale

Rapid file migration across cloud and on-premises platforms—with no business disruption.
Large Scale Migration with SkySync
enterprise file migration

Maximize productivity and business value from your content

SkySync is an enterprise content integration and orchestration platform that empowers organizations with enhanced business and IT agility—rapidly migrating files across your network of storage repositories at incredible speed and scale.

The platform enables organizations to intelligently analyze, move, copy, or synchronize content across all existing systems—no matter where it resides. Additionally, SkySync enables validation reporting, which provides a detailed reconciliation report of your content after the enterprise file migration is complete.

Understand your content—before and after your migration

SkySync provides advanced analysis and enterprise file migration simulation capabilities that deliver unprecedented insight into the existing content landscape before a single file is moved.

After the migration is complete, a validation balance sheet provides a reconciliation report of all content from the source to the destination. This enables your organization to prove to a governing body that all content was thoroughly audited during the migration process.

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Delivering world-class migration solutions across various business scenarios

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  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Infrastructure Modernization
  • Redundant Cloud Services
  • Engineering Operations
  • Systems Consolidation
  • Workforce Modernization
enterprise file migration - AEC content integration

SkySync delivers business results

Mergers & Acquisitions
When organizations have an urgent need to assess, rationalize and migrate content from acquired entities that they have minimal insight into.

Infrastructure Modernization
When organizations have large volumes of unstructured content, typically across geo-distributed sites, and/or are driven by cloud transformation initiatives.

Redundant Cloud Service
When organizations have upcoming storage service subscription renewals, driving cost avoidance and consolidation.

Remote Operations
When organizations perpetually need to retain and manage critical project content coming from a wide variety of distributed sites and offices.

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Full-fidelity file migration—no painful overhead and costs

Extending beyond basic approaches, SkySync preserves all aspects of file fidelity—including metadata, permissions, sharing profiles, unique source system attributes, and links—as well as automatically detecting broken .XLS links, zipping forbidden file types, repairing filenames and more.

To further reduce IT costs and risk, SkySync automatically maps users, groups, permissions, accounts, and metadata across systems. Compared to legacy solutions’ first-pass file transfer resolution rates of 90-95%, SkySync transfer rates often exceed 99.99%.

This 500x increase dramatically reduces the level of IT overhead required to resolve flagged file transfers.

enterprise file migration

Migrations without business disruption

SkySync’s unique continuous copy mode executes file transfers in the background – completely transparent and enabling users to move to the new platform at the organization’s own pace – with absolutely zero impact to existing operations or system integrations.

SkySync ensures that target system files are up to date in near real-time and precisely mirror the source system.


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Synchronize on-premises files to any cloud service

SkySync’s bi-directional synchronization engine enables enterprises to integrate and synchronize on-premises platforms with cloud storage services to unlock seamless collaboration and maximize productivity while preserving on-premises performance and system-of-record.

Seamless to users, new files and file changes from either system are automatically reflected in the other.

Built for the enterprise

SkySync was designed to fully integrate, orchestrate and automate enterprise file migration initiatives of any size and complexity for your enterprise. See it in action now.
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