Enterprise File Sharing and Sync: Enable Enterprise Collaboration


Enable Enterprise Collaboration with a File Sharing Plan

Does your enterprise require better collaboration for increased workplace productivity? To be successful, you’ll need to first consider how all of your systems can work together. Although many organizations want to facilitate collaboration between their file sharing service and enterprise content management (ECM) system, it’s not always easy to implement. You need a file sharing plan.

SkySync’s Middleware Tool Helps Enterprises Focus on Productivity Instead of Getting Bogged Down in Platform Silos.

We’ve compiled statistics from industry surveys, including reports from AIIM, Forrester, and Gartner, and have seen the struggles many enterprises go through — and we’re here to address them. Whether you require a strategy to protect your intellectual property, a comprehensive plan to move to the cloud, or a solution to integrate your software (and most of you do!), SkySync can bridge your platforms for a more productive work environment. Read more about each topic below, and contact us if you have any questions about what SkySync can do for you.

How to Protect Intellectual Property With Enterprise Collaboration Software

Trade secrets, designs, and other intellectual property help enterprises distinguish themselves in increasingly competitive markets. When these assets fall into the wrong hands, the results can be devastating for a company’s bottom line and reputation. Enterprises have to contend with both internal and external threats, so building up security is crucial.

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Preparing to Move to the Cloud

Is your enterprise considering migrating to the cloud, or creating a hybrid cloud storage environment? If so, you’re not alone. Enterprises are rapidly adapting cloud or hybrid cloud storage in order to easily access files and collaborate more effectively. Unfortunately, moving to the cloud can be risky if not done correctly, so enterprises should plan ahead.

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Having a Software Integration Plan

Enterprises have a lot of mission-critical content to manage, and there’s plenty of software to help them do it. Enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) and enterprise content management (ECM) are just two of the systems adopted by large companies to get the job done.

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