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Classify and audit unstructured content

Measure the overall health of your current security and governance investments.
File Classification Label Audit - A.I. Machine Learning Engine | Remote Workforce Enablement - Migrate Your University to Cloud Storage
File Classification Label Audit - Compliant Migration Results

Understand the types and volumes of your unstructured content

Organizations often lack the required insight into the types and volumes of unstructured content across their enterprise, which impacts accurate file classification and resulting audits.

Historically, they have utilized manual, departmental, or user-driven, policy-based initiatives to address this challenge.

File Classification Label Audit - Establish Content Baseline

Establish your baseline and evaluate the strength of your content compliance

SkySync eliminates both manual and siloed processes, performing an advanced file Classification Label Audit (CLA) by comparing existing file labels against the recommended results of an A.I. machine-learning engine.

Once the A.I. engine training is complete, SkySync reports on the existing classification — if any — of all files. Next it enriches the files with additional metadata, including the new suggested classification.

SkySync then delivers a comprehensive report detailing overall statistics and results of the audit, while listing the documents that have a discrepancy between the suggested labels and their existing classification.

Intelligent file classification – powered by A.I.

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  • Configured to report on existing classification and uses an extension to enrich files with additional metadata
  • Produce detailed classification audits to meet governance and compliance mandates
  • Reports can be scheduled to provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual audits
  • No longer rely on users to determine or update file classification

Enterprise file classification label audit

Learn more on how SkySync works with our customers to conduct a sensitivity label audit, delivering a comprehensive report detailing overall statistics and results.
Classification Label Audit

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