From the Sales Desk: More Organizations Looking to Hybrid Storage Scenarios


Our Technical Sales Manager, Udae Sandhu, discusses the growing trend of organizations looking to architect hybrid storage scenarios.

1) In your experience, are more organizations looking to migrate to the cloud completely, or to architect a hybrid storage environment using their existing on-premises storage and Cloud services? Has this shifted at all in recent months?

With the incentive of reducing costs, ease-of-use, and mobile access, it’s no surprise that organizations of every size, in every industry are making the move to the cloud. And although migrating content is easy to conceptualize, the move itself is actually an incredibly complex process!

Aside from user-adoption and the technical hurdles involved, most people don’t realize that different systems have vastly different rules and caveats for content. So while it seems that the intention for most is to move to the cloud completely, the reality is that there almost always needs to be a hybrid environment for a period of time before the final leap is made to cloud storage.

2) How has what you’ve experienced working with customers correlated with Gartner’s prediction that 50% of enterprises will be using hybrid content management by 2018? Do you expect this trend to continue?

Absolutely! I would say that by 2018 most companies will have at least some degree of cloud adoption. The only way organizations can leverage the benefit of the cloud without complete adoption is making sure that it fits snugly into their existing ecosystem… i.e. a Hybrid Environment. In speaking with customers every day about their storage goals, it’s clear that the move towards hybrid is trending upwards right now.

3) Do you have any tips for how a large organization can best prepare themselves when looking to sync or migrate their files to the cloud?

Know what you don’t know! Jumping straight into the cloud is an appealing prospect or many organizations for a host of incentives… but organizations need to understand that concepts like folder structures, user permission rights, and metadata (to name a few) make the move a lot more complicated than just “all you gotta do…” when it comes to migrating them into the cloud.

Understanding the level of complexity involved, and being aware that tools like SkySync are built to address these complexities (and actually make the move effortless), is essential to know when looking to sync or migrate an organizations files into the cloud.

Krystal Elliott