Gartner ‘cool vendor’ offers simplicity for moving to the cloud


Brian Clendenin, May 15, 2015- IT World Canada

In Gartner’s latest research note, Cool Vendors in Content Management, 2015 you will find a very unique and innovative solution called SkySync, by Portal Architects. Gartner advises that the report is “designed to highlight interesting, new and innovative vendors, products and services.” The CEO of Portal Architects, Mark Brazeau, is a visionary and saw a significant problem facing organizations with regard to how they manage content and founded the company. Growing rapidly, with 1,500+ clients around the globe, they are helping solve critical challenges within organizations. I caught up with Brazeau to talk about the Gartner report and gain a deeper insight into SkySync’s popularity with forward-thinking IT leaders.

Krystal Elliott