#RemoteWorkWednesday: Global Strategic Alliances


The entire global world of work has changed dramatically during the global COVID-19 pandemic, inevitably affecting organizations’ global partnerships. On this week’s Remote Work Wednesday we discuss the advantages and disadvantages to managing global strategic alliances from home.

Global Strategic Alliances


During Remote Work Wednesday, we hop on a call every other week to talk to folks about how they’re managing this new way of working. We’ll share practical tips about conducting business remotely, as well as provide some much-needed connection and conversation (and maybe a little commiseration) during this time of isolation. And what better place to start than right here at SkySync?

This week on Remote Work Wednesday we discuss the trials and tribulations managing global relationships without travel and face-to-face meetings. Featuring Russ Connel, Senior Partner Development Manager at Microsoft and our very own Matt Wilson, Director of Global Alliances & Partnerships.

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How Global Partnerships Have Changed

“Given that we do business with global partners, that includes Microsoft, it has put more demand on finding more time throughout the day, which is easier for everyone today, to have those conversations.”

“It depends on the partner I work with. Some have seen a lot of headwinds with corona, and some are seeing some tailwind that has increased their revenue either because of the tech they deliver or enable, or the market segment.”

“So what I’m finding is that working from home and business continuity are top of mind. And the partners that I’m working with have done an excellent job pivoting their messaging, so to Russ’s point, it is sort of a mixed bag. I have seen some cancel or push partners, more pushed as opposed to canceled for example. Then there are other partners who have seen deals from projects get accelerated, especially if it supports business continuity, right?”

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