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Intelligent file migration across cloud and on-premises platforms—with no disruption to campus operations.
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File Migration for Higher Education
File Migration for Higher Education - Take Higher Education Even Higher

Take higher education even higher with automated file migration

If you’re looking to migrate files to the cloud for the first time or considering a move to a more cost-effective cloud solution for your higher education institution, then it’s time to study up on digital transformation.

SkySync enables higher education institutions to synchronize or migrate large file volumes across cloud and on-premises platforms at scale. We’ve helped colleges and universities across the globe move their campus to the cloud with no disruption to staff, students, or operations.

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File Migration for Higher Education

Enable digital transformation for your institution—regardless of size

Whether your institution has a few terabytes (TB) of content spread across hundreds of thousands of user accounts, or petabytes (PB) of files on a local server, SkySync can handle workloads of any size.

SkySync brings advanced content integration and orchestration capabilities to your fingertips—streamlining complex scenarios, as well as reducing risk, timelines, and overhead. With SkySync, your campus IT will spend less time and energy on file migration so you can get back to business as usual.

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File Migration for Higher Education

Helping higher education institutions

Modernize campus IT

Eliminate the risk of a system failure or data loss by decommissioning aging hardware. Increase security and peace of mind by automatically migrating to more modern platforms.

Decrease costs and drive better ROI

Better position your institution to save costs and drive ROI by staying agile with your content. Seamlessly transition to more cost-effective vendors and reduce the maintenance cost of legacy systems.

Deliver effective collaboration for students

Enable staff and students to focus more on their academics than file management by streamlining storage and secure collaboration across the institution.

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Connectors for all major storage platforms

Avoid vendor lock-in with our wide array of platform connectors. Whether you're moving on-premises content to the cloud, or transitioning to a more cost-effective cloud vendor, SkySync has you covered.
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Designed to simplify complicated migration projects

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  • Zero impact to end-users, existing systems, ancillary integrations or business operations
  • Continuous copy mode executes file transfers in the background, temporarily synchronizing source and destination
  • Full migration simulation and analysis, predicting outcomes and providing deep insight into all organizational content
  • Automatic transformation and management of forbidden target system file names, characters and types
  • Supports ECM platforms, network file systems, SharePoint and custom on-premises storage systems
  • Selectively sync files and folders based on rules, events, metadata, and filters
  • Preserves existing file governance and retention policies
  • Extensive reporting and audit trail of all file transfers

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