SkySync Hybrid Content Synchronization

Synchronize on-premises content to the cloud

Modernize your workforce without compromising governance policies, security measures or existing system integrations.
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True hybrid content synchronization

SkySync enables a practical, low-risk approach to digital transformation by orchestrating a bi-directional synchronization of your system-of-record to any cloud collaboration platform.

This enables organizations to enhance legacy investments by extending compliance, security and control to other systems while empowering your users to readily access and collaborate on content from anywhere on any device.

Your organization can take advantage of cloud collaboration capabilities while preserving existing legacy investments.

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A modern workplace for your users

End-users crave flexible collaboration capabilities, but many organizations are hesitant to go “all-in” on cloud technology. With SkySync you don’t have to.

SkySync’s bi-directional synchronization engine enables your organization to integrate and synchronize existing on-premises platforms with any cloud service.

SkySync will mirror content and map users across both systems—creating a hybrid environment—so that your end-users can work in their preferred platform without compromising security and compliance, or impacting existing integrations with key business applications.

Mergers & Acquisitions consolidation

According to many industry reports, the most important factor in achieving a successful M&A transaction is “effective integration”, including well-orchestrated approaches to change management.

Employees of your newly acquired organization need to adjust to new systems, new culture, new applications and new coworkers—however, both companies’ day-to-day operations need to continue uninterrupted.

Your organization can easily integrate and consolidate newly acquired systems so that you can quickly deliver on the strategic business objectives of the M&A transaction. By synchronizing the new platform into your existing IT environment, your new workforce can continue to work as they know how—for as long as needed—while all required changes occur.

Mergers & Acquisitions with SkySync

Arm Your Enterprise with Global Content Insight

SkySync identifies and interrogates your unstructured content—no matter where it’s stored. The platform extracts valuable file data, usage, and sharing patterns across all repositories, and user-desktops and fully-simulates file transfers before execution.
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Sync your content and enable your users.

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  • Integrate cloud collaboration platforms with existing on-premises systems
  • Selectively sync files and folders based on rules, events, metadata and filters
  • Supports ECM platforms, network file systems, SharePoint and custom on-premises storage systems
  • Preserve existing file governance and retention policies
  • Supports extended metadata, permissions, timestamps and file versions
  • Extensive reporting and audit trail of all file transfers
  • No impact to business operations—all existing integrations remain in place
  • Completely transparent to end-users

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