Mergers and acquisitions without boundaries


Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) often provide multiple business benefits for the companies involved – including access to new markets and a wider customer base, reduction of cost via economies of scale, and even obtaining quality employees. However, M&A scenarios are often complex and not without their own set of problems. One of the biggest challenges is to be able to quickly deliver on a transaction’s strategic business objectives while still making sure that both companies’ day-to-day operations continue to be uninterrupted.

Seamlessly integrate and migrate newly acquired enterprise content with existing systems.

Successful mergers and acquisitions require thoughtful and well-orchestrated approaches to change management. Integrating acquired business units means allowing end-users to adjust to new systems, new culture, new applications and new coworkers. One of the crucial parts of a successful integration is to give end-users necessary time to adjust. Change management in this scenario can be unpredictable and the timeline can be erratic – making it crucial to focus on the things you can control.

SkySync enables the world’s most successful enterprises with total control over and unbounded access to their content, empowering their evolving modern workforce. This is significant with mergers and acquisition – and seamlessly bringing it altogether. With SkySync, new and existing content management systems and line-of-business applications can live side-by-side, enabling integration of enterprise content into any platform desired while also focusing on crucial change management for the organizations involved – for as long as needed.

Additionally, SkySync enables organizations involved to analyze existing content, identifying which content needs to be synchronized and which content can be archived. SkySync will then integrate systems and synchronize content between organizations, making it possible to focus on the training, change management and user adoption of the new platform.

As we see it, mergers and acquisitions without boundaries can be a rapid reality.