Network World: How to Securely Bridge On-Premise and Cloud-Based Storage Services


Examining the Four Ways You Can Manage Migration To or Synchronization With the Cloud

By Mark Brazeau, SkySync CEO

Cloud storage revenue is forecast to grow more than 28% annually to reach $65 billion in 2020.  The driving force is the substantial economies of scale that enable cloud-based solutions to deliver more cost-effective primary and backup storage than on-premises systems can ever hope to achieve.

Most IT departments quickly discover, however, that there are significant challenges involved in migrating and synchronizing many thousands or even millions of files from on-premise storage systems to what Gartner characterizes as Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS) services in the cloud. According to Gartner, “by 2019 75% of enterprises will have deployed multiple EFSS capabilities, and over 50% … will struggle with problems of data migration, up from 10% today.”

In a newly-published report titled, “How to Migrate File Shares, SaaS and ECM to EFSS” Gartner identifies four ways organizations can manage migration to and/or synchronization with EFSS services—custom integration; rudimentary copy; EFSS import services; and specialized third-party tools—which we’ll explore more here…

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Krystal Elliott