SkySync Platform architecture

Highly-scalable platform for any content scenario

Open and fully customizable—architected to meet any integration requirement for any size of organization.
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Any deployment scenario

Incredibly agile architecture that enables global enterprises to deploy the SkySync platform within any environment they choose.

Deploy the "control console" locally, remotely or host in any cloud

The centralized SkySync “system administration console” may be deployed locally [PC or server] or hosted within any private cloud or IaaS service—such as Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or AWS.

SkySync "agents" execute file transfers anywhere

SkySync execution "agents" are equally flexible, whether deployed on local or remote office servers—in the cloud or on user desktops. Agents execute all file transfer operations and securely communicate to the central SkySync administrator console via HTTPS—no VPN is required.

Any operating environment

SkySync can be deployed within virtually any operating environment. The platform includes a robust, built-in PostgreSQL database, however other databases are fully supported and configurable.
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Supported OS



Supported Databases

PostgreSQL | Built-in

SQL Server | Optional

SQL Express | Optional

Designed to transfer and manage petabytes of content at scale

The SkySync transfer engine is architected to scale both up and out, easily managing up to billions of files. It has advanced algorithms to optimize system connectivity rate limits, as well as incorporates multiple read/write threads and connection pools to maximize throughput.

For large, multi-petabyte deployments or when project timelines are compressed, SkySync has demonstrated file transfer speeds in excess of 60 terabytes/day within highly optimized environments.

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Architected for the world’s most secure environments

The SkySync platform was architected from the ground-up to meet the most stringent demands of highly regulated industries—from financial services and government, to the pharmaceutical and communications sectors.

The platform is a 100% security-neutral model as it does not incorporate or use any type of proxy cloud service or other intermediary presence point. All content and related data is streamed directly via HTTPS [256-bit encryption] from the origin to the destination system(s).

Advanced user experiences

SkySync delivers a user-friendly web-based experience that is optimized for PC, tablet and mobile phone interfaces—enabling you to monitor and control your file transfers anywhere, from any device.

It is also completely “skinnable”—all help menus and links can be customized to your enterprise’s unique policies and identity.

For advanced scenarios, the SkySync platform also provides a robust Command Line Interface (CLI), ReST-based API (Postman), as well as Microsoft .NET interfaces.

Interface icons

Limitless possibilities—leverage the SkySync Platform SDK

SkySync’s System Developer Toolkit (SDK) enables developers to extend, add, or enhance any SkySync capability.

Embed SkySync system modules, functions or content from platforms that are integrated to SkySync via a fully documented Microsoft .NET interface.

The plug-in capable architecture also allows developers to integrate any third party software, including malware, virus and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) applications.

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