Platform features & modules

Advanced automation, functionality and insight

Engineered to fully-automate complex use case scenarios—dramatically reducing administrator overhead, project timelines and risk.

Fully-automated content integration and orchestration

Rudimentary approaches require a high-degree of manual intervention as content artifacts like metadata or permissions must be manually exported, mapped, modified, verified and re-imported. The SkySync Platform fully-automates these processes and other compatibility mapping functions such as managing forbidden file types, characters and path lengths, file locks, conflict copies, and versions.
Network User-Drive Mapping
Permissions Mapping
Group/Project Folder Mapping
User Account Mapping
Metadata Mapping

Advanced capabilities to tackle large and complex environments

The SkySync Platform brings advanced content integration and orchestration capabilities to your fingertips—streamlining complex scenarios.

  • Fully-automated mapping capabilities
  • Advanced file filtering
  • IT-controlled user PC migration and sync capabilities
  • Global file interrogation, analysis and file transfer simulation tools
  • User self-service opt-in, monitoring and file data repair
  • Advanced scheduling and bandwidth utilization controls
  • IT-controlled remote office server management
  • Fully-configurable reporting dashboard

Granular control of content integration and transfer behaviors

System administrators have a wide array of file-related data configurations to fully-control all aspects of file transfer outcomes.

Filter files by virtually any parameter, event, behavior or rule—as well as create advanced metadata maps and actions.

These highly-advanced functions are easily managed via SkySync’s user-friendly web interface—automatically guiding system administrators through a contextual step-by-step process that they can access anywhere, from any device.

Discover, analyze and predict

The SkySync analyzer is a powerful and incredibly fast content discovery, analysis and prediction engine that eliminates the guesswork. You’ll gain granular insight into your entire content landscape including its structure, the use of your files, how old and what type they are, what the metadata contains and more, no matter where the files are located—whether in local storage, remote offices or on user desktops.

The analyzer can be extended to wherever a SkySync agent is deployed. It automatically gathers all of the necessary file data, then rolls it up into a single, admin-friendly dashboard for analysis and advanced job simulation.

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