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Orchestrate files across systems

Unfettered agility to integrate your systems to maximize productivity and business value from content at scale.
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The promise of ‘Enterprise Content Orchestration' is more elusive than ever

Purpose-built to provide boundless enterprise content integration and orchestration possibilities, the SkySync platform is 100% open and provides a highly scalable architecture that enables enterprises to easily meet evolving technology and content-driven business initiatives—no matter how complex.

Via highly-advanced web [or CLI, ReST, and/or .NET] interfaces, SkySync enables organizations to easily integrate systems, control interactions and behaviors—and even create and control end-user experiences for advanced self-service capabilities.

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SkySync lets you define the rules

The SkySync platform enables complete integration and control over:

  • User accounts
  • User network home drives
  • Permissions [both user and group]
  • Document types, notes and attributes
  • Timestamps
  • Document versions
  • Network group and team folders
  • Extended or user-defined metadata

Advanced, self-service user capabilities

This advanced functionality allows system administrators to deploy and manage SkySync’s self-service capabilities, which automatically distribute flagged files to department leads or even individual file owners for resolution.

For files that cannot automatically transfer to meet target system limitations, SkySync automatically gathers, organizes and presents these “flagged” files for resolution.

Self-service can be further extended to allow users to opt-in to admin-defined transfer jobs, as well as monitor their own transfer progress.

Open and scalable architecture that can be deployed across any environment

The SkySync platform is designed to fit any IT environment and meet any content integration or control requirement. Deploy SkySync locally, remotely or host within any IaaS service—such as Azure, Google, or AWS.

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Integrates with existing storage platforms

The SkySync platform integrates with each system's published Application Program Interface (API) at the deepest level—optimizing transfer speeds and preserving all file attributes.
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