SkySync Go! Pricing & Features

Cost-effective content migration—made simple

SkySync Go! provides an extremely efficient pricing model and options for your entire migration project.
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Core migration pricing

Standard package

$1,500 for 60-days // Cloud-to-Cloud

$1,500 for 90-days // Network Files-to-Cloud

  • Includes 75 users // 1TB // Dedicated Instance
  • For additional terabytes & users please:
    • submit a Contact Us inquiry, or
    • call 1-888-550-3721

Client solutions icon Hybrid/Sync [Network files-to-cloud]

1-year agreement

  • $3,950 per year
  • Includes 75 users // 1TB

2-year agreement

  • $3,450 per year [invoiced annually]
  • Includes 75 users // 1TB

3-year agreement

  • $2,950 per year [invoiced annually]
  • Includes 75 users // 1TB


Core migration features


  • Migrate/Continuous Copy or full bi-directional synchronization
  • Fully configurable runtime
  • On-premises network bandwidth utilization controls

Fully-automated operations

  • Automatically maps users
  • Automatically maps groups
  • Automatically maps permissions
  • Automatically transforms file names
  • Automatically zips forbidden file types
  • Automatically retries locked files/failed transfers
  • Automatically uploads files changes/new files in real-time

Overview icon Security

  • Dedicated cloud-to-cloud tenant [no tenant sharing]
  • Files are streamed direct [no caching or cloud intermediary]
  • 256Bit AES Encryption during transfer [HTTPS]
  • File check-sum to assure file integrity

Client solutions icon Extended fidelity

  • Automated author preservation
  • Automated version preservation
  • Automated timestamp preservation

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