#RemoteWorkWednesday: Business Development While WFH


The world of work has changed dramatically during the global COVID-19 pandemic, in nearly every department of every company. On this week’s Remote Work Wednesday we talk about two very different departments who intersect here at SkySync: Our own business development team who spends their day hitting the phones to talk to IT departments and managers about their content orchestration and migration needs.


During Remote Work Wednesday, we hop on a call every other week to talk to folks about how they’re managing this new way of working. We’ll share practical tips about conducting business remotely, as well as provide some much-needed connection and conversation (and maybe a little commiseration) during this time of isolation. And what better place to start than right here at SkySync?

This week our host Mark Shalinsky is joined by James Strickland and Joseph Challender, two of SkySync’s Business Development reps, or prospectors. James and Joe hopped on the line this week to talk about what they’re seeing and hearing from IT managers and administrators as they get on the phone about how their priorities have shifted since they’ve had to transition to a remote work environment. Is content migration still a priority? And more directly for these two, how is the world of enterprise sales adapting during this crisis?

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Staying connected on projects and prospects

For both internal and external communication, James and Joe agree that it’s important to stay connected.

“We’re already collaborating efficiently through our platforms like Microsoft Teams, Box, or OneDrive so we can still work on these projects while we’re working from home,” James said. “That’s been very beneficial.”

Joe makes sure that he stays cognizant of his prospects’ busy days by making sure he’s not “cold calling.”

“We have LinkedIn, we have Google, we have ways to find out more about these organizations and people so we can make sure we’re staying personal. I don’t think any cold outreach should really exist.”

Join the conversation

How is your organization navigating remote work life? Is this normal or a new normal for your business? We’d love to hear from you. If you’re interested in joining the conversation on #RemoteWorkWednesday, please send us a note.

Krystal Elliott