SkySync: Solving the Enterprise Content Problem – by Intellyx


Enterprises have a content problem. They have content everywhere — in the form of office documents, SharePoint articles and who knows what else. Most of this content is valuable, some of it is critical, and employees have created all of it with some meaningful intent. But with every piece of content created, the job of managing it, securing it, governing it and ensuring compliance becomes exponentially harder.

Organizations have responded by deploying any number of technologies and approaches in an attempt to tame the content beast, including Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, collaboration tools, and cloud-based document repositories. In most cases, however, while this layer of tools has solved some problems, it has created others as organizations are continually migrating content between systems based on rapidly changing needs.

SkySync believes that it has the solution to this content problem. The company designed its enterprise content integration tool to serve as ‘plumbing’ between ECM systems and the numerous other content platforms that an enterprise may have deployed in their environment. The platform currently integrates with over 40 systems and enables organizations to insert a universal layer of compliance and governance rules to its content — wherever they store it.

More than merely enabling universal compliance and governance, however, the company’s platform helps organizations create greater agility and speed-to-market by enabling them to explore new systems and ways to collaborate without worrying about where they’ve stored the content or moving it around. The platform’s bi-directional and continual content sync technology helps ensure that critical documents and other content is available whenever and wherever an organization needs it.

See the full brief by Charles Araujo at Intellyx.


Krystal Elliott