The Transformation Ticker: Volume 1


Welcome to the SkySync Transformation Ticker Volume 1. We all know that the world of cloud collaboration and content management is constantly changing – it can be hard to keep up with all the news! As we spend our mornings scrolling through our RSS feeds to catch up on mergers and acquisitions in the market, thought leadership from industry experts, and the latest headlines in the space, we realized just how much noise there is to cut through.

We thought it would be helpful to create a roundup of the most important articles, videos, and podcasts from the past month to help you stay on top of it all.

[ARTICLE] How to deal with cloud complexity – Infoworld

By 2020, most organizations will deal with complexity issues due to siloed multi-cloud environments. David Linthicum provides some strategies on how you can overcome those issues when they arise.

[PODCAST] Finding Success at the Corner of Content Services, Cloud, and Analytics – AIIM

Sean McGauley at AIIM chats with Stephen Ludlow, VP of Product Marketing at OpenText, about discuss the past, present, and future of content services.

[VIDEO] How to set up Microsoft Cloud App Security – CSO Online

If you have Office 365, someone is likely out to get you. Follow these steps to set up Microsoft’s Cloud App Security add-on and start protecting your organization.

[BLOG] We Use Robots Every Day in Our Personal Lives, Why Not at Work? – KnowledgeLake

Fun thought piece how Robotic Process Automation can make workers and the work place more efficient

[ARTICLE] Why Employees Should Be Key Stakeholders in Workplace Technology – CMSWire

Workers are still being left out of the loop when it comes to new technology in the workplace.

[NEWS] Microsoft’s using Office 365 to push Teams as a Slack killer, survey claims – TechRadar

Microsoft has been making huge strides to take out Slack, now with 13 million daily users over Slack’s – despite many survey respondents preferring Slack over Teams.

[WEBINAR] The Metamorphosis of Content Services: 5 Ways That Automation, Integration, and Intelligence Are Redefining This Strategy – AIIM

This webinar on-demand explores how to connect people, processes, and content across organizations through integration, automation, and intelligence capabilities. And with customers and other business partners.

[ARTICLE] Cloud Optimization Can Transform Your Business, But It Should Come With a Cost Containment Strategy – CloudTweaks

Many of us have setup cloud systems without a long-term cost optimization strategy to control spending. It can be a shock, particularly when many only know of the cloud as a cheaper way of running IT.

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