Understand your unstructured data landscape

In most organizations, both the volume of data and the number of applications deployed to manage that data are expanding rapidly.

These rising siloes are casting shadows over growing piles of unstructured data, obscuring security and ownership, sensitivity and any other potential risks lurking within.

Shine a light on your dark data

The SkySync platform will integrate with all of your storage platforms and business applications—shining a light on these shifting and growing piles of information and illuminating dark data. SkySync provides a continuous, cross-repository discovery scan of your entire inventory of enterprise data including:

  • Total number of items and total content storage size
  • Comprehensive permissions report
  • Detection of content links inside

Make better, informed decisions faster

Discover content at various depths and detail depending upon your regulatory, scope and throughput requirements. SkySync provides key insights on your content including location, file type, author, origin, size, sharing rights, age and other existing file attributes.

SkySync dashboards will provide a thorough report of your data inventory, as well as the ability to export the findings to take advantage of your own business intelligence solution for analysis. You can now use this data to design information architecture and taxonomy or use it as an input to a migration plan.

With a global view of your unstructured enterprise data composition at your fingertips, your organization is empowered to make better data management decisions, faster.