Integrate & Control

Extend governance and control from any existing content platform

Unified and singular control of your content, no matter where it resides—leveraging your existing infrastructure and governance tools.

Multi-system governance and control is manually intensive and complex

Most large enterprises have multiple siloed and single-purposed compliance, retention, and eDiscovery applications assigned to individual storage systems.

Owning and maintaining these applications is not only expensive, but also forces IT staff to replicate rules, policies, and configurations across multiple systems – which can lead to compliance errors and inconsistent policies.

Unified content control leveraging your existing applications

SkySync’s Enterprise Content Integration engine acts as the “hub” for all of your various systems—tightly integrating ancillary platforms to your selected master system-of-truth and control.

The SkySync engine automatically manages all cross-system friction, updating file retention, compliance, and other metadata from the master system to the ancillary systems—while updating physical locations and any file status changes back to your master system-of-truth or record.

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Control of your content—on your terms

  • Unified governance, discovery and retention policies
  • Reduce software redundancy and on-going costs
  • Dramatically reduced IT maintenance
  • Unified eDiscovery and file retention rules
  • Global file visibility and status
  • Reduce compliance and data loss risk
  • Enterprise-wide reporting

Agile content integration—on your terms

A modern approach to an enterprise content integration strategy.

  • Any Platform or Environment
    Centrally manage all on-premises or ECM platforms, cloud storage services, remote offices or user PCs
  • Any Content Integration Solution
    Freely integrate systems while controlling file transfer rules, events and behaviors
  • Globally Interrogate and Analyze Content
    Gain insight and understand your entire content landscape—no matter where your files reside
  • Globally Enforce File Governance
    Sync and propagate metadata and other governance, compliance and retention data
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