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Enable users to access on-premises content via any cloud service

True workforce modernization—without compromising your governance policies, security measures or existing integrations.

Empower your users with access to all content—no matter where it's stored

Cloud storage and collaboration platforms continue to be the driving force of digital transformation within the enterprise.

However, users need to readily access the content that resides within your existing network file systems, ECM, and other storage platforms – enabling them to be productive, wherever they are.

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Modernize your workforce by extending your on-premises content

SkySync’s bi-directional synchronization engine enables your enterprise to fully-integrate and synchronize your existing on-premises platforms with any cloud service.

It empowers your users to freely access the content they need while IT staff maintains full governance and control.

These same functions can also be extended to user PCs, enabling IT to control and manage all on-going user desktop sync operations to meet compliance or other security mandates.

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Enable your enterprise while empowering your workforce

  • Integrate cloud collaboration platforms with existing on-premises systems
  • Selectively sync files and folders based on rules, events, metadata and filters
  • Supports ECM platforms, network file systems, SharePoint and custom on-premises storage systems
  • Supports extended metadata, permissions, timestamps and file versions
  • Extensive reporting and audit trail of all file transfers
  • Preserve existing file governance and retention policies
  • Completely transparent to end-users
  • No impact to IT whatsoever - all existing integrations remain in place

Agile content integration—on your terms

A modern approach to an enterprise content integration strategy.

  • Any Platform or Environment
    Centrally manage all on-premises or ECM platforms, cloud storage services, remote offices or user PCs
  • Any Content Integration Solution
    Freely integrate systems while controlling file transfer rules, events and behaviors
  • Globally Interrogate and Analyze Content
    Gain insight and understand your entire content landscape—no matter where your files reside
  • Globally Enforce File Governance
    Sync and propagate metadata and other governance, compliance and retention data
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