The Connected Revolution: How Cox Automotive shifted to a simple, streamlined collaboration package

SkySync is thrilled to welcome Cox Automotive into our growing family of global enterprises seeking content without boundaries. Together along with Microsoft, we were able to participate in Cox’s “Connected Revolution,” which is an initiative to bring all of the organization’s automotive platforms into a single connected, collaborative information technology environment. With SkySync’s Enterprise Content Orchestration engine, Cox Automotive was able to quickly do a Microsoft OneDrive user migration of more than 120 TB of content and 16,000 users with no user disruption.

Microsoft has shared the details of this successful project in a new case study. We have shared an excerpt of it below – be sure to read the full customer story here.

Global automotive business streamlines collaboration across 25 brands with Microsoft OneDrive and Teams

With 25 unique brands, Cox Automotive supports a huge volume of vehicle sales and purchases. Each of these brands shares a common goal—to make the sale, purchase, ownership, and use of vehicles easier. But with each brand team using its own tools, collaborating across the business was tough. By doing a Microsoft OneDrive user migration and deploying Microsoft Teams, the company put everyone on the same digital page, helping employees seamlessly collaborate and do the best job possible, on any device.

For Cox Automotive, the goal was simple—unite data and people through intuitive, integrated collaboration tools. But with 120 terabytes of data and more than 16,000 users to migrate from their previous cloud vendor, the company wanted expert assistance making the switch. In addition to getting support from the Microsoft FastTrack Team, Cox Automotive engaged SkySync, a member of the Microsoft Partner Network, which helped plan and execute the seamless migration of data to OneDrive.

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