The Transformation Ticker: Volume 10


Here is Volume 10 of SkySync’s Transformation Ticker, our monthly roundup of what we found to be the most important content pieces to help you stay on top of the constantly changing world of cloud collaboration and content management.

[Blog] Anatomy of a Collaboration Disaster

It’s going to take a lot to get everyone back on board in Fairfax County with online learning, but hopefully, we can all take some hard-earned lessons from this disaster.

[News] Amazon challenge to JEDI contract officially on hold

This project seeks to provide better remote location data to the military and while Microsoft initially received the contract, the decision will now be put aside until August.

[Article] How IBM’s New CEO Plans to Beat Microsoft, Amazon & Google in Cloud

But every single one of IBM’s well-heeled and well-regarded rivals can make the case that it sports a tech trio as good as or better than IBM’s.


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Mallorie Brazeau