The Transformation Ticker: Volume 13


Here is Volume 13 of SkySync’s Transformation Ticker, our monthly roundup of what we found to be the most important content pieces to help you stay on top of the constantly changing world of cloud collaboration and content management.

[Article] Microsoft Universal Print: Time to replace your printer servers with the cloud

Microsoft’s cloud-based Universal Print service will major on enterprise printing features and cover printers old and new.

[News] Slack Accuses Microsoft of Illegally Crushing Competition

The complaint, filed in Europe, threatens Microsoft’s recent ability to avoid regulatory scrutiny.

[Article] How Computing Has Evolved, And Why Multi-Cloud Is The Future

Data’s potential is still blunted, but new tools are opening analytics doors.

[Blog] Managing The Risks Of The New Remote Workforce

It is unclear whether this trend is confined to the current crisis or whether the pandemic will usher in a future with more flexibility for remote work.

[Research] Enterprises Want Clearer Remote User Observability Thanks to COVID-19

The report found that the recent rise in remote working places network visibility as a top concern for IT administrators and leaders.

[Study] SMB study finds Google Cloud increases productivity and lowers IT costs

Interviews with nine companies examined the impact on revenue as well as how long it took to recoup the investment in the cloud platform.

[Article] COVID-19 leads to shocking cloud computing bills

With the rapid expansion of public cloud services to support a new remote workforce, many enterprises are looking to cut some costs


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Mallorie Brazeau