The Transformation Ticker: Volume 7


January’s Top Technology Headlines

Volume 7 – January 2020

Here is Volume 7 of SkySync’s Transformation Ticker, our monthly roundup of what we found to be the most important technology pieces of January 2020 to help you stay on top of the constantly changing world of cloud collaboration and content management.

[Blog] AWS vs Azure vs Google – Detailed Cloud Comparison

AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform stand out proudly as the top three cloud providers. So, how do you decide which one to choose?

[News] Microsoft ends Windows 7 support: What should you do?

Microsoft is ending the cat-and-mouse game with hackers seeking to exploit software bugs in the Windows 7 operating system.

[Opinion] It’s 2020. Let’s Stop Saying “IoT.”

If IoT no longer means just “linked sensor objects,” then what is it, and is there a better name for it?
(Part II)

[News] Microsoft vows to be ‘carbon-negative’ by 2030

It’s a major step up from Microsoft’s previous green pledges.

[Article] Digital Transformation Isn’t A Project, It’s A Way Of Operating

A recent study by McKinsey & Company found that many companies’ cloud investments have not helped them to fully reach their transformation goals.

[News] Big Microsoft data breach – 250 million records exposed

Microsoft admits that between Dec. 5, 2019 – Dec. 31, 2019, a database used for “support case analytics” was effectively visible from the cloud to the world.

[News] Google takes on AWS and Azure in India with Airtel cloud deal

Like in many other markets, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google are locked in an intense battle to win cloud customers in India.

[Blog] Why Financial Services Providers Are Turning to Hybrid Cloud

Those who don’t achieve this larger industry-wide trend of the growing reliance on a cloud-first strategy will fall behind the competition.

[Article] Google offers IBM AS/400 apps new home in its cloud

Enterprises looking for a way to modernize legacy AS/400 workloads now have a new option.


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