Transformation Ticker: Volume 16


Here is Volume 16 of SkySync’s Transformation Ticker, our monthly roundup of what we found to be the most important content pieces to help you stay on top of the constantly changing world of cloud collaboration and content management.

[News] G Suite is now Workspace, as Google adds pricing tier, feature updates

Four years after the launch of G Suite, Google is updating its productivity and collaboration app portfolio with new features, branding, and a premium business payment plan.

[Article] Datacenter infrastructure spending will bounce back in 2021 and beyond, Gartner predicts

COVID-19 caused a 10% dip in worldwide data center investment, but a 6% increase should come in 2021, and growth will continue through 2024.

[Article] Why Reining in Unnecessary Cloud Spending is IT’s Next Priority in the COVID Era

The faster businesses can understand their cloud consumption habits, clarify policies, and enact accountability, the sooner they can effectively manage their sprawling cloud spend.

[Article] Cloud adoption in a post-COVID world

Many thought that COVID-19 would cause the Great Cloud Slowdown; instead, the opposite happened. What will cloud adoption look like when the masks come off?

[Blog] Choosing an Alternative Cloud Provider Over One of the Big Three

While AWS, Microsoft, and Google continue to dominate the public cloud market, there are alternative cloud providers that might be a better fit for your organization.

[Blog] Remote Work: What We’ve Lost and What We’ve Gained

We often take aspects of working in-person for granted and underestimate how important they are, not just in creating a happy workplace, but also how they contribute to business results.

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Mallorie Brazeau