Transformation Ticker: Volume 17


Here is Volume 17 of SkySync’s Transformation Ticker, our monthly roundup of what we found to be the most important content pieces to help you stay on top of the constantly changing world of cloud collaboration and content management.

[Article] Data is worth its weight in gold

IT leaders are placing an increased, permanent focus on the value of data, digital transformation, and security, a new survey finds.

[Best Practices] How to Calculate Cloud Storage Costs

Cloud storage costs can add up more quickly–and unexpectedly–than organizations realize.

[Article] 10 ways the pandemic affected cloud investment

IT decision-makers plan to increase cloud security budgets in the next year, says a new report from SPR.

[Article] 7 Workloads That Should Be Moved to Cloud Right Now

A surge in remote working has put the focus on cloud services to support work-from-home requirements, maintain business continuity, and build business resilience.

[Article] Lessons from COVID: Futureproofing your IT infrastructure

IT leaders are leveraging the pandemic’s real-life stress-test to rethink IT strategy around building resiliency for an uncertain future.

[Commentary] How to Approach Your Mission-Critical Big Data Strategy

Across industries, big data has joined traditional, structured data as a mission-critical element. Here’s some advice for big data leaders on how to get started.

[News] Do You Know Who’s Lurking in Your Cloud Environment?

A security researcher explains the dangers of poor visibility in the cloud and a new strategy to evaluate IAM exposure in Google Cloud Platform.

[Story] ‘Work from anywhere’ is here to stay. How will it change our workplaces?

After decades of being tied to offices, Americans are suddenly free to work from wherever they want thanks to pandemic lockdowns. For some, that change will be permanent.

[Article] Ensuring Internal Communications Are Heard in an Increasingly Complex Landscape

A clear internal communication strategy and plan is vital here, and it doesn’t need to be complex (at least for now).


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