Transformation Ticker: Volume 19


Here is Volume 19 of SkySync’s Transformation Ticker, our monthly roundup of what we found to be the most important content pieces to help you stay on top of the constantly changing world of cloud collaboration and content management.

[News] Microsoft launches Viva, its new take on the old intranet

Microsoft today launched Viva, a new “employee experience platform,” or, in non-marketing terms, its new take on the intranet sites most large companies tend to offer their employees.

[Commentary] What Happens If a Cloud Provider Shuts You Out?

When AWS bounced Parler from its servers, it raised questions about continuity of service other companies may need to consider.

[Best Practices] Four Steps to Support Compliant Data Transfers Without Privacy Shield

Now, lawyers are left wondering what’s next and whether their current standard contractual clauses for data transfers will remain viable. And if not, what options are left?

[Article] COVID-19’s Acceleration of Cloud Migration & Identity-Centric Security

Here are some tips for updating access control methods that accommodate new remote working norms without sacrificing security.

[Survey] Two-thirds of CIOs admit their systems just aren’t ready for the future

A survey of 380 CIOs and CTOs by IBM found that many were struggling to get the ball rolling on their IT modernization plans.

[News] Microsoft Sales Climb 17 Percent, Lifted by Robust Cloud Demand

Azure growth jumped 50 percent, fueled by the accelerated shift to the cloud. PC sales surged, boosting Windows, and gaming broke $5 billion for the first time.

[Video] IDG’s Think Tank on multicloud: Key findings from top CIOs

30 senior IT leaders discuss their multicloud architecture goals along with the top challenges they face in making multicloud a reality, providng a candid view of the state of multicloud strategies and how they’ll change business and IT.

[Survey] Lack of Social Interaction Tops Remote Work Challenges

Survey says: Employees are struggling with the behavioral and cultural challenges of pervasive and long-term home working.

[Article] The case for a data culture and user adoption

A data-led approach brings benefits to customer satisfaction, product and services, and employee engagement – when done effectively.


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