Transformation Ticker: Volume 21


Here is Volume 21 of SkySync’s Transformation Ticker, our monthly roundup of what we found to be the most important content pieces to help you stay on top of the constantly changing world of cloud collaboration and content management.

[Article] Enterprise Content Growth Highlights the Value of Cloud-Native CSPs

Content is at the heart of digital customer experiences and few successful businesses exist that do not have content front and center in their strategy.

[Article] Year One AC: How the Digital Workplace Is Evolving Post-Coronavirus

What changes are here to stay and what will revert back to the way things were before COVID-19?

[Commentary] Enabling Your Workforce for the Digital Workplace

Building the digital workplace helps increase agility and resilience, but there are distinct steps to implementing it effectively, especially on an accelerated timeline.

[Article] Enterprise IT leaders are aggressively moving legacy business systems to the cloud

Despite the cost, people, and process concerns, the benefits outweigh the challenges.

[News] Cloud spending toppled on-prem data centers in 2020 for the first time

While an increasing number of businesses had been steadily increasing their reliance on cloud computing services, the pandemic seems to have accelerated the momentum.

[Commentary] Are Your Cloud Costs Outpacing Your Growth?

Here are three key business areas to investigate as you assess how the cloud is serving your larger business goals.

[Commentary] Top 5 things to know about hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is gaining popularity, but there are still important factors to consider before implementing it in your organization.

[Blog] Using Content Patterns to Improve Content Management

Learning to recognize content patterns and being able to leverage them is key to increasing the success of your content management projects.

[Article] The cloud is green. Let’s get on with migration

The use of cloud computing does more for the planet than every enterprise having its own data center.


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