Enable Global Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

How can you enable better collaboration with your ECM Platforms?

Many organizations today struggle with enabling and modernizing their workforce with their existing technologies. Most legacy systems were not built for today’s user; they do not offer anywhere, anytime access to content so collaboration can be painstakingly difficult –  and can open up a can of worms when it comes to security and compliance.

Is it possible to have the best of both worlds? How can an enterprise increase collaboration and efficiency without abandoning its existing legacy repositories and content management investments?

In our webinar, we discuss how to leverage Microsoft Teams for collaboration in tandem with your existing ECM and cloud storage platforms.

  • What is Microsoft Teams and how can it benefit your organization?
  • Implementing workforce modernization through cloud services without abandoning your existing repositories
  • Real-life examples of how Microsoft Teams can be integrated into your content ecosystem
  • Maintaining this hybrid content collaboration model within your IT environment over time

Learn how to enable global collaboration with Microsoft Teams — Watch our Webinar on Demand.

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