Business Considerations when Migrating to SharePoint or SharePoint Online

As organizations consider migrating content to SharePoint or SharePoint online, it is important to understand that there are many business and technical considerations that can affect the quality and the duration of the migration. This article will identify and address a few key concepts that, if properly understood, can improve any migration to SharePoint or SharePoint Online.

Areas Discussed

  • Knowing Your Data
  • Understand and Prepare for Records Management and Content Disposition
  • Process Improvement
  • Phased, Slow Walk Migration
  • Migration Duration
  • Demonstrate Value & Get Buy-In from Stakeholders
  • Fully Understand Your Storage Environment
  • Exclude Unnecessary Content
  • Architect Your SharePoint Environment Before Moving Content
  • Choosing Your Migration Method
  • Pilot Test Your Migration With Early Adopters
  • And Much More

Download the Business component of our two-part White Paper Series discussing migrating to SharePoint, and learn how organizations can manage hybrid On-Prem and Cloud solutions.