Enterprise Content Integration

Seamless Automation of Your Storage Migrations & Synchronizations
Enterprise Content Integration

One thing that has remained constant in the ever-changing world of file storage and collaboration is the inability of many enterprises to consolidate to a single platform. As businesses adopt newer, more efficient Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS) solutions, they often continue to support their existing legacy storage systems – creating silos and clouding visibility into where documents are stored and, perhaps more importantly, identifying who has access.

According to a survey by AIIM, 52% of organizations have 3+ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems in place, while 22% have 5 or more. Additionally, 38% of the largest organizations reported having more than five operating ECM systems. But unsurprisingly, this means potential storage chaos for many IT departments… however, it can get better.

In recent years, there has been a shift in the content management paradigm. Organizations are now discovering that there is a way to integrate their disparate platforms. Bridging siloes and enabling collaboration while meeting file governance policies.

The SkySync Platform

Enterprise Content Integration

SkySync provides an Enterprise Content Integration Platform specialized for synchronization and large-scale, high-speed content migration across dissimilar storage platforms. The platform is purpose-built for complex storage integration, management, and control of content to support governance, compliance, discovery and retention mandates.

SkySync provides unprecedented agility compared to traditional migration methods. Able to bi-directionally sync and transfer files, users, permissions and all associated data across dozens of platforms – at scale.

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