Hybrid Content Management

Securely Synchronizing On-Premises & Cloud-Based Storage

Hybrid Content Management is the practice of implementing both cloud-based and on-premises systems to store, share and manage enterprise content.

Despite what seems like a mass exodus to new cloud-based enterprise file sync and share services (EFSS) such as Box, Dropbox, Office 365, G Suite, Citrix ShareFile and others, many businesses are still housing their unstructured content on-premises. Forrester reported in 2016 that 47% of companies surveyed held between 1 terabyte (TB) and 19 TBs of data locally, while 21% stored 100 TBs to 999 TBs and a further 14% stored over 1,000 TB on-premises.

Gartner has acknowledged that a single repository for unstructured content “remains unreachable” for most enterprises for a host of reasons. The analyst firm has predicted that within the next year, 50% of enterprises will manage that content using a hybrid storage model.

As cloud-based enterprise file sync and share services enter and exit the market, many organizations today are finding it difficult to go all-in on the cloud and instead are opting to deploy these services concurrently with their existing on-premises Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platforms.

Download this paper discussing SkySync’s Enterprise Content Integration (ECI), and learn how organizations can manage hybrid content management solutions.

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