Workplace Modernization: Embrace Change Without Compromising


Organizations are changing. People want to work in a more efficient and digital way, enabling them to be successful in their day to day job.  Workplace modernization has been a hot topic in recent years, but everyone seems to have a different concept of what that actually means. This shouldn’t come as a surprise because every organization is different; they have different needs and look at success from a different point of view.

That being said, the essence of workplace modernization is pretty straightforward: Workplace modernization is the ongoing process of using technology to increase efficiency, reduce overhead and provide your workforce with the tools to do the best job they can do. How do you provide the right tool for the right job, enabling end-users to be more productive? How do you automate some of the menial task or processes people need to do, freeing them up to tackle more important things? How do you enable business users to be able to do all these things, without compromising security, governance and compliance, or burning a hole in the IT budget?

While the potential positive outcomes of workplace modernization can be great, it’s important to remember that it’s an ongoing process that needs to be guarded at all times. Once an organization starts optimizing processes, changing the way people used to do things, implementing new technologies to make things more efficient, there is a real danger that it could disrupt your organization in a severe way.

While it is true that the only constant is change, it is also true that people, in general, are resistant to change. Change for the sake of change will backfire into the organization and disrupt it instead or improve it.

With this in mind, what do we need to implement to make Workplace Modernization a success? The answer is Change Management. While most organizations agree that change management should be a part of each project, proper change management is sometimes easier said than done. All of the different aspects of training, communication, technology, etc. are integral for a successful Modernization project.

Join SkySync and Withum for an upcoming webinar during which we will cover the each of the different parts of the change management and how to be successful with Workplace Modernization.

Participants will learn…

  • How do you make content transparently available to the right users within the right tools?
  • How do you enable content integration between the different platforms without having to recreate content?
  • How to implement automation over these disparate data sources into your line of business processes and/or employee interactions
  • How organizations can embrace change without sacrificing corporate culture & policies

Register now to join us at 1 p.m. ET on August 23 for “Workforce Modernization: Embrace Change Without Compromising”