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See how SkySync works.
SkySync installs and configures in minutes.
Watch 3-minute Use-case video.

Integrates Systems Together.
SkySync starts by tightly-integrating to your existing
on-site and cloud-based storage systems in minutes via
their published API (Application Program Interface).

Create any Hybrid Environment.
Create robust hybrid storage architectures by simply selecting any mix of storage platforms from the toolbar.
With a few mouse clicks;

•  Storage systems are tightly-integrated together.
•  Sync or Migration Job processes are created/automated
•  Operations are completely transparent to end users.

Sync, Migrate or Copy Files.
Automatically Sync/Copy/Migrate files, folders, sites, or entire file storage structures; SkySync supports virtually any use-case scenario.

Transfer files and file-related properties, (metadata, versions, permissions, etc.) across systems in bulk or for small, adhoc operations, simply drag-and-drop.
Architected for the Enterprise.
• Installs behind your firewall, under your control.
• From a single workstation or VM to clustered-servers.
• Leverage Windows CE, SQL Server or Oracle DB.

• Automated diagnostics, logging and full audit trail
• File-type, size, metadata, and date-range filtering.
• Permissions, metadata and user-account mapping
• Network bandwidth and file thread-write controls.
Powerful, yet incredibly easy to use.
No coding, no services...installs/configures in minutes.

SkySync is built for Business; designed to automatically
manage the synchronization and/or migration of large
volumes of files (terabytes to petabytes) across
any number of dissimilar storage platforms.
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