SkySync empowers Crossland Construction to collaborate like never before – from job-site to board room

Customer Profile

Crossland Construction Company, Inc. is one of the largest and highly-ranked construction companies in America. The company’s headquarters is located in Columbus, Kansas with eight regional offices and over 850 employees located throughout the United States. Crossland acts as general contractor for large building projects, such as hospitals, schools, office, retail, sporting facilities among other categories.

Business Drivers

The role of general contractor on large-scale building projects often requires continuous complex collaboration and coordination between internal as well as external stakeholders. On time, on budget with only highest quality standards is what they call “The Crossland Way.” The company’s IT infrastructure, which blends internal fileshare and cloud services, helps to achieve this standard.

The Challenge

The simultaneous planning and execution of numerous major projects is an enormous communication challenge. Erica Christiansen, Crossland’s Database Administrator explained, “There are a tremendous number of moving parts in the mix; over 550 internal people in addition to scores of sub-contractors and suppliers across the country.” The challenge for Crossland was how to continually synchronize an extremely complex matrix of documents across this enterprise, making the latest documents immediately available to the right stakeholders.

SkySync has worked flawlessly in its ability to keep putting the latest versions of documents in the right hands and to automatically sort out conflicts – it’s exactly what we needed.
Erica Christiansen, Database Administrator

The Solution

“Crossland Construction’s infrastructure is pure fileshare,” described Christiansen. “We added Box early last year to scale up our ability to collaborate. This was a great first step,” continued Christiansen, “but after learning about SkySync, we discovered how we could also automate the process of version control and distribution.” SkySync’s sophisticated ability to stay version-aware across any number of users was the key to success. The software was configured to sense any change to any shared file or document and automatically perform updates to Box.

The Result

“What we have with the combination of Box and SkySync is what I would call a pot of gold,” described Christiansen. “SkySync has worked flawlessly in its ability to keep put the latest versions of documents in the right hands and to automatically sort out conflicts. It’s exactly what we needed.” Moreover, since Crossland has a very compact IT team, SkySync’s ability to run “hands free” in the background further stretches the team’s capabilities. “What it does all day is sync files back and forth between our file share and Box,” described Christiansen. “It allows us to do our job more efficiently.”

Strong Customer Support

SkySync’s support and engineering team earned high praise from Christiansen and her team. “Our implementation definitely had some challenges to it,” she explained. “SkySync’s team was there every step of the way to guide us through and to make necessary adjustments as necessary. They were fabulous,” concluded Christiansen, “I give them nothing but the highest marks.”

The challenge for DSI was how to automatically synchronize its existing SharePoint security levels and complex folder structures seamlessly with Box.

With SkySync, Nicholls and his team were able to define an efficient, repeatable process to move AMN’s nearly 2000 users to Box.

PolicyLink decided to utilize a hybrid solution that included Box cloud technology and SkySync’s file synchronization application.

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